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Mar 17, 2011

Why A Short Binge Can Have Lasting Negative Effects

Why A Short Binge Can Have Lasting Negative EffectsA Moment On The Lips, Forever On The Hips!
That saying may a hold more truth than we originally thought!  A new study shows that overeating, even for a short period of time, may have long term effects on our body weight.
The study found that just 4 weeks of increased food consumption and decreased exercise can cause increased weight and fat mass more than two years later when compared to control individuals.
So, how do you avoid binge eating and it’s long term effects?  It’s simple: Moderation.  You’ve heard it before and nutrition experts have been preaching it for years that moderation and physical activity is the key to maintaining a healthy weight.
That isn’t to say you won’t be faced with difficult times. For example, Thanksgiving day or backyard BBQ’s where overeating is common, but it’s important to not continue those eating habits for days or even weeks thereafter.
Here’s a few tips to curb overeating:
  1. Try keeping a food journal so you’re cautiously aware of how many calories you take in.  If you overeat during a particular meal you can make up for it by eating less at your next meal.
  2. Before hitting up the backyard BBQ or Thanksgiving dinner, try snacking on low calorie soup or water-dense veggies and fruits.  This will help fill you up before you get to the calorie laden main dish and desserts that are always present at these functions.
  3. Try drinking two – 8 ounce glasses of water before meals.  Studies have shown that you will eat 70 to 90 fewer calories at that meal.
Remember it’s OK to cheat sometimes, don’t beat yourself up over it, but the key word here is “sometimes”

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