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Mar 17, 2011

How Carrie Underwood Lost 20lbs – And How You Can Too!

How Carrie Underwood Lost 20lbs – And How You Can Too!Every so often a news story will be published howinsert famous person here lost X amount of pounds. And typically, it’s how they lost the weight in an extremely short amount of time using the latest crash diet.
Unfortunately, not only are these crash diets not healthy or effective in the long run, some can be dangerous if attempted for long periods of time.  See Cleanses, Detoxes and Fasts, Oh My.
But, every so often one of Hollywood’s, or in this case the music industries, elite will get it right.
What do I mean by get it right? I mean simply taking the sensible approach to weight loss: watching calories, eating healthy foods and regular physical activity – all of which Carrie Underwood has done to lose 20lbs.
So how exactly did Carrie do it?
  1. She followed a low calorie diet and, this is key, she recorded everything she ate in a food journal.  She carefully examines labels on everything she eats and tracks calories, carbs and fat.
  2. She knew to get the best possible results she would have to exercise, so she enlisted the help of a personal trainer and built a little home gym in her house.
  3. Carrie doesn’t live by the scale. “I don’t ever want to get neurotic about my weight. I feel healthy and I know I’m a good size for me,” she said.
And the results speak for themselves as she successfully lost 20 lbs and has kept the weight off since. Now that’s much better than following a crash diet, a lot healthier and it makes it easier to keep the weight off for good!

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