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Mar 6, 2011

Weight Loss Success

Weight Loss Success:  You have to enjoy your weight loss program if you want success!

Everywhere you look you can’t miss the greatest and latest “miracle” weight loss program being advertised.  Why do people try so many different programs without long term success?  I’ll tell you one of the big reasons… it’s because most weight loss programs are not enjoyable!

Of course, any weight loss program needs to follow fundamental nutrition and exercise techniques if you want long term success. You should also determine your true body fat composition by using a body fat calculator.

The only way to keep body fat off your body is to make permanent lifestyle changes.  If you are making temporary changes, the weight loss will also be temporary.  Because of this, the lifestyle changes you make must be tolerable… meaning you shouldn’t have to suffer when you are losing weight.  In fact, you need to enjoy your program or you simply can’t sustain the weight loss.

You shouldn’t give up all of your favorite foods, or have to make yourself miserable by only eating special foods.  Does this mean you can continue pigging out on anything?  Of course not.  But if you completely give up all of you favorites you’ll be miserable.  The key is moderation and making trade offs.  Instead of going to your local favorite pizza restaurant and eating half a pizza for lunch, have a couple of slices and cut back a little at dinner.

The next time you start any weight loss program, you need to ask yourself if you can enjoy it!  If not, you’ll give up…. Sooner or later.

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