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Mar 27, 2011

Free Weight Loss Diet Plan For Men

With over 20 years of experience in the dietary supplement industry we have come across countless individuals looking for the magical weight loss pill that will let them lose weight without changing their eating habits or exercising. Trust us when we say that such a product does not exist!

At the core of any weight loss endeavor is exercise and a proper diet. Although fat burners and comparable weight loss products may help to accelerate the weight reduction process they are not the main contributors. Losing weight and keeping it off is a long term process that requires commitment and dedication.

Below you will find the outline of a simplified diet plan for men that will help them to lose fat in a safe and effective manner. We always recommend consulting your doctor or health care professional before undertaking such a diet.

This weight loss diet plan is based on a six meal, 2500 calorie diet. Eating six small meals per day will allow your body’s metabolism to increase naturally thus helping it to burn fat faster.

Meal 1: C [30%] + P [40%] + V [30%]
Meal 2: P + P + O
Meal 3: C [30%] + P [40%] + V [30%]
Meal 4: P [70%] + F [30%]
Meal 5: C [30%] + P [40%] + V [30%]
Meal 6: P + P + O


[%] = Percentage of entire meal. Each meal is equal to 100%
C=Carbohydrates [Whole Wheat or Brown Bread, Pasta, Rice, etc]
O=Oil [Flax seed oil or extra virgin olive oil]
P=Protein [Tuna, Salmon, Egg Whites, Chicken, Protein Shake, etc]

Quick tips for succeeding in your weight loss diet:

1. Be realistic when setting goals for yourself. If you set the bar too high chances are you’ll be setting yourself up for disappointment
2. Plan ahead. Prepare your food as far ahead of time as possible
3. Try to vary your food as much as possible as to not get sick of it
4. Consume reasonable portion sizes
5. If you think your shouldn’t eat it, you probably shouldn’t eat it
6. Treat yourself to a “cheat” meal or snack every once in a while. The point of healthy dieting is not to deprive yourself completely of everything you love. A "cheat" here and there is perfectly fine
7. Clear your home of the majority of the junk that you have. The more you look at it, the more you will be tempted by it
8. Surround yourself with encouraging people who want you to succeed. If everyone around you is on the same page or is trying to help you, you will find dieting much easier and in turn have better chances of sticking to your diet and getting to the results that you want
9. Don’t forget to exercise! Physical activity will help you achieve your goals faster. Don’t be concerned at first with the amount of time you spend exercising or the intensity of your workout. Just do it!

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