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Mar 27, 2011

Benefits of Trampoline Exercise

For the ones who don’t know – trampoline is a gymnastic and recreational equipment that is made of a steel frame with a tight and strong piece of cloth stretched over it with coiled springs as anchors. Children especially enjoy jumping off trampolines and many patents encourage their children to do so only to get them away from computers and T.V screens.

Not only are they fun but also provide as a great exercise for kids keeping them fit, active and energetic. Trampolines are available in many more forms like rectangular trampoline, line pro trampoline and mini trampoline. They also come in various styles like trampoline with frame pad, safety net and rubber tiles.

But trampoline is not just a great exercise for children but also adults. It is also most effective in losing weight. Exercising with the trampoline decreases body fat and increases muscle to fat ratio. You also burn body carbohydrates with better efficiency and effectively lower you blood pressure. Trampoline is an exercise that gets the entire body in motion hence it is not just an exercise for the legs and heart but for the entire body. Such an exercise does not harm the knees or other joints.

Exercises are not only meant for weight loss but they also need to detoxify the body for a fresh feeling. Trampoline is extremely effective rejuvenating and detoxifying the body’s mechanism. In this exercise the body achieves a weightless state when at top of each jump and encounters double gravity after landing. The shift in gravity benefits the entire body and gives huge benefits to the lymph system. By improving the lymphatic system you also get an improved defence mechanism against infection, viruses, bacteria and disease. Trampoline exercising causes the valves which transports nutrients and drains toxin products from tissues to open and closes concurrently. This increases the lymph flow 15 times more than before. So you get a boost in the immunity, cleansing from toxins and slowing of the aging process.

Jumping on trampolines like rectangular trampoline, line pro trampoline and mini trampoline with styles like frame pad, safety net and rubber tiles is most beneficial to those of an older age as it effectively strengthens and lengthens muscles and improves flexibility. Also the bone density improves and reduces chances of diseases like osteoporosis and some forms of arthritis.

People who are keen on buying trampolines but are sceptical of its safety and the climate not being favourable to do the exercise out of home, consider buying a small trampoline that can used indoors too. There are many type of trampolines like rectangular trampoline, line pro trampoline and mini trampoline with styles like. These come cheap and they are safe to use. Also they are small and portable enough to be used inside the house for a great exercise regime.

But remember that if you are buying a trampoline for your child you need to have enough padding around the edge of the trampoline to protect your child from any injury. For a safe trampoline experience it is best if you look at trampolines with frame pad, safety net and trampoline edges.

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