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Feb 13, 2011

Short Weight Loss Workouts for the Busy Season

However, if you want to keep your weight loss progress on track during Christmas I think it is a good idea to try and fit in at least one short weight loss workout a day. Here are some suggestions:

1 - Ten Minute Sprints

Just jog down to your local park in the morning before work and pick out a sprinting track. Usually the jog to the park plus a few stretches is a good enough warm up so you can get right into the sprinting.
Perform the sprints just like you do a weight training session; a certain amount of sets of a certain amount of repetitions. For example, I pick out a distance of 80 to 100 metres and then sprint it five times with only a short rest inbetween each set. This will keep your metabolism up for a lot of the day and help burn a lot of calories.
2 - Hill Sprints
Again, I managed to work the painful hill sprints into a post! Like the sprinting at the park, if you have a local hill or a steep street spend 10 minutes each morning running up and down as fast as you can with as little rest as possible.

3 - Circuits at home

Sometimes when I’m pressed for time a make a little circuit in my room that I can do without stopping. To do this you need to choose exercises that are not going to use the same muscle groups in sequence otherwise you become too tired to quickly.
For example, choose exercises in an order like this:
  • Squats (legs)
  • Pushups (arms and chest)
  • Crunches (abs)
  • Back Extensions (back)
  • Squats (legs)
  • and so on…
This way, if you are fit, you can keep the motion going without stopping which means you can get quite an intense workout in a short amount of time.

4 - Skipping

Skipping is great as it gives you quite an intense workout in a short space of time. Bruce Lee said that he thought 10 minutes of rope jumping was the same as a 30 minute run. Whether this is true or not isn’t the point, the fact that you can workout almost every muscle in your body quite well with a skipping rope makes it a suitable quick workout.

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