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Feb 6, 2011

3 Exercises For Killer Six Pack Abs


Abdominal Exercise:
Lie on the floor with your arms across your chest or your hands clasped behind your head. Keep your feet on the floor or raise them. Tighten your abs and slowly curl your shoulders up off the floor one inch. Curl your shoulders up toward your knees until your shoulder blades come up one to two inches off the floor. Hold this position for one to four seconds before slowly returning to the starting position.

Leg Raise:
Grasp the back of chair to support your body. Hang your body straight down. Keep your knees slightly bent throughout the entire movement. Raise your legs until they are just past parallel to the floor, lower and repeat. Do not swing your body.
NOTE: For those who are unable to perform this exercise with straight legs, try bending your knees and tucking them into the waist at each repetition. Remember to try and point your toes downward. After a few weeks, you will be able to do this exercise with straight legs. Keep the movement fluent, slow, and controlled.

Knee Raise:
Lie back on the floor. Keep your legs straight and back flat. Raise your legs, bending at the knees as they raise and slowly lower your legs back down to the straight leg position. Keep the movement fluent, slow, and controlled.

The Bicycle:
The Bicycle is the best exercise for getting those Six Pack Abs
Forget doing hundreds of crunches, if you want a flatter belly and defined abs the bicycle is your better choice as it will target both your upper and
lower abs and you'll see results much quicker.

Start by lying on the floor and your back. Now bring your knees to a 90 angle, place your hands behind your ears and pump your your legs back and forth like you were riding a bicycle. Now bring your left torso up towards your right knee using your abdominal muscles.
Then bring your right side of your torso towards your left knee. Continue alternating the left and right side until you complete 20 reps. For the first day do two sets of 20. Gradually move up until you can complete 4 sets of 50 reps.
You will be surprised as to how quickly you will see results with this exercise.

You must always remember that if you have excess fat, you can exercise all day long and you will never see that 6-pack under 4 inches of flab.
A 6-pack set of abs can only be seen on a body that has a BMI of 12% or less.

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