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Jan 2, 2011

Lucy Liu's Diet and Exercise Routine from a Super Hottie

Lucy Liu is an American actress who is best regarded for her character as Ling Woo, an ill-mannered and cruel woman in the television series Ally McBeal from 1998 to 2002. She likewise appeared in different films including Charlie's Angels, Chicago, Kill Bill, and Kung Fu Panda. You’d always notice that during her appearance, she always looked great, specifically sexy and fit. Gladly, she shares the specifics of her diet and exercise routine so people may follow and get her hot and curvy physique.
Lucy-Liu.jpgLucy Liu’s diet is adhered to portion control wherein she is able to eat everything she wants but in small servings. Most of the time, Lucy does eat at home so when she eats from a restaurant, she tries to follow some basic rules like not nibbling on bread before the first dish, or perhaps she’ll ask for an appetizer. She likewise prefers eating meat or grilled fish and chooses steamed or roasted vegetables.
When she eats from a Japanese restaurant, Lucy Liu’s diet includes sushi with algae nori which is abundant in beta-carotene or perhaps grilled fish cooked in front of her together with vegetables. On the other hand, when she’s in a Chinese restaurant, she eats salad with am and algae agar with skewer of chicken and prawns. And when she eats from an Italian restaurant, she chooses to eat melon and ham with pasta with pesto or perhaps a vegetable pizza with salad and one fruit for dessert.
For Lucy Liu’s exercise routine, she trains together with her personal trainer Teddy Bass. She works out 30 to 40 minutes per day using the treadmill and sometimes works out outdoors. Lucy also loves jogging and doing cardio striptease. Furthermore, she also loves swimming and considers it among her best ways to stay in great shape. She always climbs the stairs so that she’d always have strong thighs and buttocks. As she has Asian origins, particularly China, Lucy Liu’s exercise routine also includes contact sports like judo, taekwondo, and kendo with Katana.

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