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Jan 6, 2015

Be healthy, confident and sexy

Hey Lady, my name is Aurelie, I am a body image confidence specialist for women and my journey with body image, self love and empowerment has been.. well... a long one, an ongoing one but most importantly one that allowed me to discover myself, grow, learn and evolve. 

Just like you, I am still making sense of this life here on planet earth! I have been on a life long journey and battles and struggles as well as successes and triumphs with body image, eating challenges and self worth. 
In short, I went from the girl in high school who was never happy with her body and needed to look perfect to feel worthy of love and attention. Then I became this girl who finally discovered self love, happiness and fulfillment but who believed that those were the key to the "Ideal' body and health to NOW believing that there is no such thing as the "Ideal body" or the "ideal weight", or the "ideal diet"....I have discovered that simply, we are all unique, beautiful and sexy in our own unique ways!

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