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Aug 23, 2013

Provailen - Top 5 questions asked daily?

  1. Will Provailen stop my arthritis pain?
  2. Yes. 87.6% of clients asked experienced up to a 90% reduction in arthritis pain.
  3. How does Provailen work?
  4. Your arthritis is caused by your autoimmune system attacking your joints and causing inflammation. Provailen uses Reishi mushroom as part of its 3-in-1 formula to rebalance your immune system and relieve your inflammation. Provailen is completely natural and helps to relieve most arthritis symptoms fast and effectively.
  5. Should I be concerned about side effects?
  6. Provailen has had no negative side effects reported.
  7. Is Provailen safe to consume?
  8. Yes. Provailen is produced in an F.D.A registered lab. Provailen’s ingredients are pharmacy grade and of the best quality possible.
  9. Can I take Provailen with my other medications ?
  10. Yes, Provailen does not interact with other medications and so can be safely taken alongside your other medications you have on prescription or over the counter. Of course once Provailen begins to relieve your arthritis, you may find that you no longer need them!

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