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Mar 14, 2013

Green Tea and Stress Relief

Although long revered in Asian cultures as a healthful drink with medicinal powers, green tea has only recently become widely accepted in Western cultures as a superfood. Researchers have conducted numerous studies of the effects of green tea on a variety of ailments, and the results have shown that consumption of green tea can aid in weight loss, lower cholesterol, prevent cancer and boost the immune system. There is also a growing body of evidence that suggests that green tea can aid in stress relief.

Our modern lives have given us a great deal of advancement in medicine, technology and communications. However, we also experience far more stress than in previous generations. Our hectic lifestyles can lead to fatigue, insomnia and other stress-related issues. It can often seem impossible to slow the pace, or keep up with a constant stream of demands.

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Many people turn to the pharmaceutical industry for stress relief options, but instead of relief they are faced with a long list of unpleasant and dangerous side effects. However, there are natural solutions to dealing with high levels of stress. A tea therapy regimen can not only help with weight loss and the prevention of a wide range of illnesses, it can also serve to reduce stress and improve sleep.

The potency of green tea to affect stress levels comes from an amino acid called theanine (sometimes L-theanine,) which is found almost exclusively in green tea leaves. Theanine works within the human brain to shift the brain waves into an alpha pattern. That configuration is the same that occurs naturally when we are peaceful and content but still awake and alert. Theanine also works by increasing the GABA levels within the brain, which is a neurotransmitter that has been shown to affect serotonin and dopamine levels.  

Clinical trials to test the relaxation properties of theanine have produced remarkable results. One large-scale Japanese study included 42,093 participants, 2,774 of whom suffered from psychological stress.   Researchers concluded that participants who consumed 200 mg of theanine (which equates 5-6 cups of green tea) per day became noticeably more relaxed, as compared with those who consumed less than one cup of tea per day. 

The proprietary blend within Advanced Formula Tea Tone Plus combines green tea extract with extracts of oolong and pu-reh teas, as well as with raspberry ketones. This powerhouse combination allows you to experience the health and weight loss benefits of each of these ingredients in one simple supplement. It would be virtually impossible to consume the volume of brewed tea that it would take to equal the extracted compounds within Tea Tone Plus. In addition, taking a high-quality, all-natural supplement means that there is no need to source each individual ingredient, nor pay the high cost of obtaining each of the four components separately.

In addition, the combination of four separate ingredients also allows then to work in synergy with one another. Synergy is nothing more than the effect achieved when two or more things function together to achieve a level of result that would not be possible alone. In other words: each ingredient within Advanced Formula Tea Tone Plus boosts the potency of the others, and work in harmony to maximize the many health benefits of each component.

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