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Dec 10, 2012


A woman’s figure is further accentuated with her perky set; clothes look great on her, boosting her confidence to take on the world. Yet, the reality remains - not every woman is endowed with perfect breasts and the desire to own them is the inspiration for every breast enhancement methods available out there. 

Keeping it real 

Honestly, how do you feel about huge boobs that are obviously unnaturally boosted? Some women go overboard with their silicone implants, rendering their figure rather disproportionate instead of sexy. Having said that, the natural way may be better, using the proven and non-invasive breast serum TriactolTM.  This bust serum enhances the size of your breasts with the natural herb Pueraria Mirifica which has been used for centuries by natives for breast enlargement, stimulating blood circulation, and reducing wrinkles and freckles as well as improving one’s complexion. Without any surgical procedures and only by massaging the breasts with TriactolTM, many women have seen their busts enhanced and lifted without any adverse side effects.

Gain without any pain

You can gain benefits without going through unnecessary pain. As you only need to give yourself a relaxing breast massage with TriactolTM which poses no risk, breast surgery with implants may cause you pain in the nipple and breast area. As the breast serum is absorbed by the skin, there is no need for incisions like breast implants that bring a possibility of infection, delayed wound healing or scarring. If there is an infection, inflammation is likely to follow and is demonstrated by redness, swelling and some pain. Some women may also experience changes in sensation around the nipple or breast which can affect their sexual life, although the reason for a breast enhancement surgery was possibly to heat up the sheets. As results of TriactolTM vary from woman to woman, you may not see results instantly, but at least you can be assured that you’ll have smoother skin, less stretch marks and wrinkles that help to boost the appearance of your boobs.

Who needs post-treatment complications?
Nobody does. With bust serum, the only thing you might need to deal with is a possible skin allergy to the product. You can prevent unnecessary risks by not using TriactolTM whilst pregnant, lactating, if taking birth control or you have estrogen-sensitive gynecological tumors and cysts. Comparatively, you may end up with a set of non-identical twins, incorrect placement of implants, or implants that are visible through the skin. Should any of these happen, you may want to re-do the procedure, whereby risks and more costs would be involved. Also, breast implants are not forever and will need to be replaced, say, around 8-10 years and if you choose not to have a replacement, you will be left with breasts that sag or become deformed. The faster method may not be the wisest choice in the long-run.

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