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Dec 17, 2011

How To Use Clear Skin Max?

Clear Skin Max is an acne cream which enables you to have a lovely skin and cure the acne. It helps you in getting rid of that patchy skin which is difficult to bear. Clear skin max is clinically proven and is manufactured with safest process ensuring the effectiveness of the products.
Clear Skin Max is a natural acne cream which is made using natural products like tea tree oil, peppermint. This is why it is also known as natural acne cream. Clear Skin Max is enables you to have a lovely skin and cure the acne. Clear Skin Max is recommended as the best solution for clearing the black pores as well for acne treatment.

Process of usage for Clear Skin Max
It is quite simple to use the Clear Skin Max acne cream. You simply have to follow the directions and this will guarantee you a spotless skin.
  1. Initially you need to use tea tree oil control cleansing gel twice per day. Keep rubbing the gel so that the bubbles are removed and then you can easily massage your skin. After sometime you can wash it with warm water.
  2. The Skin Soften and Melanin Expel Essence are advisable to apply before and after the face mask process. This can be applied on the face with the help of a clean cotton pad over the affected areas. 
  3. The acne vanisher mask has to be applied at the affected areas once a week. The affected area is to be massaged gently in a soft circular motion. You can let it dry and leave it for 20 minutes. After it dries, you can wash it with water.
  4. Next you need to apply the Pore Astringent Conditioning Lotion. All you need to do is to apply it with the help of your finger tips with the help of a cotton pad. It has to be left for about 2 to 3 minutes. This performs the action of closing the pores and not allowing dirt to inhibit its action.
  5. The Acne Treatment Emergency is to be used for about two to three times a day in case you find new acne. You simply have to apply it over the affected area. This is quite effective.
Expected period of time for results
You can easily reap the benefits of the above acne cream treatment if taken regularly. In fact you will find the desired changes in just 5 days of continuous use along with clean and clear skin. The product also comes with guarantee so that you are completely satisfied. 
You can easily order it online and the best part is that you do not have to pay any shipping cost for the same. There is also 180 day cash back guarantee so that you can stay assured and invest on the product whole heartedly. The above treatment has also been proven effective according to the scientific study and guarantees you a youthful and beautiful looking skin. 
Now, you would not have to be concerned any more about your face and the ugly acne marks which are quite troublesome for many. You can have complete piece of mind with the above treatment as it would surely come up to your expectation. So what are you waiting for? Get your sample today itself and treat your skin. 

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