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Nov 16, 2011

Is acne curable or controllable?

What options do you have on the table…

Acne is one of the most frequently occurring skin disorders that can affect people of all races, genders and ages. With millions of people affected with acne worldwide each year, the most important questions for the acne sufferers are “Can I successfully treat this problem or will I ever be able to get rid of acne completely?”
The good news, however, is that while acne is still considered “medically incurable”, there are some good natural ways of “controlling acne permanently and completely”. The following review focuses on different treatment options available for those who suffer from acne.

Medical therapy
Depending on the severity and type of acne you may be prescribed a medicine to be applied topically, taken orally, or both. Some of these medicines commonly include:
1-    Topical retinoids for treating comedones (blackheads). However, they have limited benefit for inflammatory lesions such as pustules or cysts.
2-    Topical antimicrobials (Benzoyl peroxide) help to reduce skin bacteria and provide good results in mild acne (pustules/pimples) but can be irritating to the skin.
3-    Antibiotic therapy is generally done in moderate to severe acne.  Topical antibiotics (e.g. Cleocin-T, Benzamycin) are often helpful for mild cases of acne.  Oral antibiotics (tetracycline, erythromycin) have been used for years but have various side effects.

If you have scarring, your dermatologist may suggest surgery to help heal acne lesions and remove scarring. A laser can reshape scar tissue and reduce redness. Dermabrasion is a type of surgery that can remove surface scars and reduce the depth of deep scars. Another option is to transfer fat from one part of the body to the face. In some cases, a single treatment can help scarring. But for lasting results, several are often needed.

Can more serious forms of acne be treated?
For more serious forms of acne that do not respond to OTCs or natural treatments, you should work with your doctor to find the best treatment.
All in all, while it is true that there has been no “medical cure” available for acne to date, various other options are rapidly emerging in the market with promising results. If you want to try one of such options, you must do your own research to find what will suit you the best.

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