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Oct 15, 2011

Wheelchair Freedom! get help. get up. get out!

Wheelchair Freedom gives you the tools, tips and tricks you need to move to the next level of fitness no matter how long you have been in your wheelchair. No special equipment - just you and your chair! Now just add our 74 page e-book, assistance from family and friends and motivation to add more strength. vitality and independence to your life.
Wheelchair life can keep you indoors, weaken muscles, change your posture and cramp breathing and digestion. Wheelchair life in short can make you sicker than you already were in the first place! Wheelchair exercise equipment coaching is at your fingertips - right here - right now.

Our new 74 page e-book, Wheelchair Freedom! Get help. Get up. Get out. teaches you how to safely, easily and effectively master those wheelchair exercises needed to gain functional strength for legs, chest and back to help you get back on your feet again.

Added bonus's include wheelchair safety, wheelchair accessories and how to master the difficult wheelchair to car transfer.

Many people become discouraged when they are confined to a wheelchair, even if for only a short time. Often a short time is enough to slack off on life - take action now, no matter how long you've been in your chair.

For less than the cost of one personal training session, you'll learn new secrets, tips and tricks about:

  • how to get in and out of your car 
  • how to fit through tight squeezes 
  • the three main muscle groups that you need to target and how 
  • experienced tips about wheelchair safety
  • saving money on the extras
Discover how to get into your car from a wheelchair with improved strength!

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