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Oct 12, 2011


GTS Part 1 : Less Fat, More Muscle Full Edition - If you liked the Basic Edition of this product you will love the Full Edition which includes well over 120 pages of additional content covering all the information you need to successfully burn fat, build muscle and enhance your physique using simple anytime, anywhere methods. In the full edition you will have access to....
  • The  complete bodyweight exercise library....progressively build your strength safely and effectively using your own bodyweight
  • Numerous strength workout templates designed to get you burning fat and building muscle
  • Hi-octane finisher routines and exercises to help turbo-charge your workouts
  • Supremely effective conditioning routines that will accelerate fat loss and spike cardio fitness
  • Full restorative exercise library including dynamic mobility drills and mobilising stretches
  • In-depth discussions on optimal eating for effortless fat loss and body composition improvements
  • Simple but powerful lifestyle habits that can have a profound effect on your fat loss efforts
GTS Part 2 : Band Training - This supplementary ebook covers everything you need to know about safely and effectively implementing bands and cables into your workouts. Information covered includes....
  • The benefits and applications of band training and why they provide the perfect compliment to bodyweight training
  • What type of elastic resistance products are available and how they compare
  • Detailed exercise library covering the most effective band training exercises for less fat and more muscle
  • How you can build rotational strength with bands (an often under-trained skill)
  • Examples of how you can use bands to conquer bodyweight exercises
  • Sample workouts and ideas on how to incorporate bands into the Gymless Training System
GTS Part 3 : Suspension Training - The third installment of the Gymless Training System covers one of the fastest growing trends in the fitness industry today....suspension training! This detailed ebook covers everything you need to know about this powerful training method including....
  • Why suspension training is no FAD
  • The pro's and con's of different suspension trainer models
  • Detailed exercise library covering pushing, pulling, lower body and core movements
  • How to increase stability and regress a movement, perfect for the fitness newbie
  • Alternatively learn how to reduce stability and increase the intensity of an exercise for the more advanced
  • Learn how to mobilise myofascial lines with a suspension trainer for superior movement
  • Sample workouts using suspension training exercises
  • Learn how to incorporate suspension training into the Gymless Training System
Private Members Area - As part of your purchase you will gain access to the Private Members Area on this website. Once on the inside you will be able to access the private members forum. Got any questions about the GTS program?  This is where you can get your answers. The benefits of this Private Member Access include....
  • Receive expert coaching anytime you have questions and need answers, no more guessing!
  • Share training experiences and success stories with other users
  • Receive social support, motivation and encouragement from myself and other users
Online Workout Diary - Inside the Private Members Area you will be able to keep track of your training progress with an ongoing training diary.  Want feedback on your workouts? This is where it happens! In my experience keeping a training journal is the best way to keep progressing forwards with your training.

Ongoing Updates - One of the great things about digital products is they can evolve much more readily than their physical counterparts. As I add further enhancements to the Gymless Training System package you will have free access to all the latest updates via the Private Members Area.
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