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Jul 9, 2011

Weight Loss Exercises

Natural weight loss exercises to lose weight naturally with the help of natural weight exercises at home.
Exercises are the one of the best way to lose weight: here am giving a top 10 incredible free natural weight loss exercises to lose weight in natural way. Learn and practice these natural exercises to cure weight loss at home only.
Most important thing to remember while exercise, drink as much water as possible to gain more energy to do exercise.

  1. Pushups the first and most important exercise. Because pushups re very good to burn your fat permanently due to total body will be on your hands muscles. While doing pushups make sure that your stomach should be keep tight.
  2. Abdominal exercises for flat stomach, when you do exercises related to abdominal the pressure will be on your stomach so that the fat will burn slowly.
  3. Rotate your body not legs, which means stand and don’t move your legs and turn your body from left to right and right to left, this exercise also builds some pressure on your stomach to burn the fat.
  4. Stretch your legs and rotate your body without moving your legs.
  5. Fold your hands and keep behind your head and tilt left and right without moving your legs, which will also helps to burn fat, because pressure will be on your stomach.
  6. Sit, stretch your legs and move your body front and back.
  7. Stand in steady position and bend it as much as possible front and back will helps to get rid of fat.
  8. Pull-ups are one of the most important exercises to lose weight and your convert your fat into muscles.
  9. Take one stool and keep your legs on it and your body keep it towards downward. Also helps to loose weight naturally.
  10. Do as many exercises as possible which are applying pressure on your stomach will helps to get rid of weight loss problem.

Even if you gone anywhere for the treatment of natural weight loss, they will guide you to do some exercises which are giving pressure on your stomach, even they may guide you in different manner but the concept is same. So do as many exercises as possible without using any weights will helps to loose weight naturally.

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