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Jul 14, 2011

Push Up Equipment To Tone Your Triceps

Push ups have been a method of mild torture since elementary school physical fitness testing. It’s just not normal to be required to push your body off of the ground as many times as possible in 60 seconds, at least that’s how I used to think. Today, I look back and think I could’ve had the arms I’ve always wanted this entire time, if only I understood that push ups were more than punishment.
demi more_GI Jane_push up equipment[Demi showed us all that a plain hard floor could produces arms to envy!]
With the fitness industry raking in millions of dollars each year, it’s difficult to rid myself of skepticism when a new machine or piece of equipment is introduced every month. But since everyone needs upper body strength to perform basic daily activities and keep that heart healthy, most of the skepticism has been tossed aside to help you find push up equipment that will best tone your triceps.
You’re probably thinking, why would I need push up equipment when I have 2 healthy arms just dangling at my sides? Well the answer is simple. Using push up equipment will help you maintain the integrity of the movement so that you don’t injure yourself. An improperly done push up could result in pulled or strained muscles.
tricep push up_push up equipment[Get the most from your push up workout by keeping your neck and back straight. You don't need fancy push up equipment for awesome arms!]
Another added benefit of push up workouts and equipment is that you no longer can use that weak wrist as an excuse to forego upper body exercises. Some exercise equipment on the market is intended to help those whose bodies are in less than perfect condition, push through the pain in an effort to build those muscles and alleviate pain or injury.

Perfect Push Up

This piece of push up equipment was created by a Navy Seal to make your push ups more efficient while reducing the strain on your joints and muscles. The handles rotate as you perform your push ups, allowing more muscles to get involved in each move you make.
perfect push up tricep_push up equipment[Use push up equipment to help gain leverage over difficult to perform push up exercises.]
The Perfect Push Up helps tone your triceps by allowing you to put your hands very close together for push ups without slipping. The non-slip base helps keep you stable even when doing difficult to maneuver exercises for your triceps. The best thing about this equipment is that you can lean against the wall or any other incline for a different workout. This is one piece of push up equipment that takes away all excuses…why make excuses as to why you can’t work those triceps when you can take them with you!

Push Up Spike

If you’ve already progressed to the next level in your arm exercises, consider the super tough push up spike. This t-bar style equipment works similar to other push up equipment, only way more hardcore. The spikes are available in 3 different levels of thickness, the “easiest” bar being the thickest at 2 inches wide.
You can really work your triceps with this equipment because you determine how close or how far apart your hands should be. Start with the thickest handle available until you get used to the motion of push ups with this equipment. The stability required while using the Push Up Spike is also a great mini-workout for your core and your back.

Push Up Bar

When you need to do push ups and you need to do them properly, you probably need adjustable push up bars. This equipment eases the stress on your wrists and forearms without taking away from the workout your chest, arms, abs, and back are receiving. This adjustable push up bar has 3 different levels, for a more well-rounded triceps workout.
The pull up Bar is sturdy and a great beginning push up exercise for those of us who really need to get in shape. The adjustable levels allow you to determine which level of difficulty you want from day to day and the sturdy materials allow you a wide range of muscle exercises, particularly for your triceps.
Whether you’re just starting out and you need to do push ups on your knees or you’re this close to getting the triceps you’ve always wanted, your push up routine could benefit from any of this push up equipment. Biceps, triceps, pectorals, lats, and forearms are all important muscles for blood and circulation, strength and overall health. Either of these three pieces of equipment can help you develop the best arms exercises to fit your goals.

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