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Jul 12, 2011

4 Easy Chest Exercises for Men

When it comes to building up chest muscles, not all chest exercises for men are created equal. Some exercises work better for some than others, it just depends on your goals and the steps you take to achieve them.
bradley+cooper+the+hangover_chest+exercises+for+men{Having fitness experts on your payroll helps, but so will these easy chest exercises!}
Since the chest is an area in which men all over the world seek to build, there are tons of chest exercises for men to accomplish a wide variety of goals. Keep reading to find 4 easy chest exercises for men that you can do just about anywhere!

Push Ups

When you need to build your chest muscles no chest exercise for men is easier, or more effective, than push ups. Choose whatever push up variation you like; wide-grip push up, one-handed push up, decline push up or Hindu push up. In addition to building up chest muscles, push ups are a great way to improve strength.
If you need to get a more effective chest workout, push ups are easy chest exercises for men that can be switched up to work different parts of the chest. The most important thing to remember about performing chest exercises is that proper form matters. Without proper push up form, not only will you have an ineffective workout, but you also put yourself at risk for injury.

Chest Dips

Chest dips are easy and perfect chest exercises for men that can be done easily at home or the gym. If you have a dip bar at home, or a piece of equipment that can hold your weight similar to a dip bar, you can complete this chest exercise for men in the comfort of your own home.
Performing chest dips is an easy way to work your muscles and test your strength in relation to your body weight.
To do: Keep arms straight with your shoulders directly above your hands on the dip bar. With your knees and hips slightly bent, lower your body down until you feel chest and shoulders stretch. Then push up with your arms until they’re straight.

Bench Press

The bench press, like push ups, are effective chest exercises for men that can be done easily at home or in the gym. With the help of a bench, a bar and a dumbbell or barbell with weights, you can strengthen and tone chest muscles effectively. For many, the bench press is the go-to chest exercise for men because it’s up to you to determine how much weight you life, therefore how much upper body strength you have.
The reason bench presses are considered one of the best chest exercises for men is that it builds muscle and strength in one exercise. When you need a stronger upper body, consider the adding the bench press into your strength training workout.
Avoid injury during the bench press by adhering to the following tips:
  • Prevent the bar from slipping by keeping your thumbs wrapped around the bar.
  • Get a spotter so you have back up if you push yourself too hard.
  • Don’t forget to breathe during each repetition to maximum effect.
  • Gradually add weight as your bench press form improves.
Chest Fly
Most guys I know have a bench with weights in the home, yet so few utilize the chest fly to improve muscle strength. The chest fly targets pectoral muscles, but your biceps will also feel the burn. As far as chest exercises for men go, the chest fly can be done with barbells or cables if you want greater resistance.

Sets vs. Reps

To get the most out of these easy chest exercises for men, remember that one set of 10 repetitions isn’t likely to garner you the results you want. Building muscles and strength through chest exercises takes time and work, which means that you should perform these exercises regularly to see positive results.

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