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Jun 5, 2011

Workout Without Equipment

You are aware that you are gaining a lot of weight and have planned a weight loss program yourself. However, soon you realize that although you are successful in following a proper diet, going to gym is simply impossible to you. Buying the gym equipment at home is also out of budget. You must be wondering is there an alternative for gym workout? The answer is Yes! There are several ideas on workout without equipment that can be carried out at home. So, what is the best workout without gym equipment for men and women? Let us take a look at the exercises in detail.

Home Workout Without Equipment

Cardio exercises are considered as the best fat burning exercises at home. These can be performed without using any equipment and is effective in losing weight. Secondly, there are several other exercises that can help in toning different parts of the body like the back, arms, legs, etc. The following are the best workout routines without equipment.

Wall Squats
If you are looking for leg as well as back strengthening exercises at home, then you can go for wall squats. You should stand with your feet 1-2 feet apart and arms at the sides. You should lean against a wall, but keep your neck straight. Now, breath in and out. While breathing out, bend your knees and slide down as if you are about to sit down but do not sit down. Now try to get back to the normal position. Carry out 8-10 repetitions.

Lunges are considered as one of the best leg toning exercises at home. You should stand with one leg forward and the other back. Now, bend knees and lower your body. You should keep the front knee and back knee at 90 degree angles. Now push the back of the heel up and return slowly to the starting position. Doing this for 15-20 times, using alternating legs, is helpful.

Push Ups
Push ups are the most effective workout without equipment for women and men. For push ups, you should lie on your chest and your palms should be placed flat on the floor. The legs should be together and parallel to each other. Now push your body off the floor, while straightening your arms. You should try not to bend your knees and back. Now lower the body and repeat. Push ups are the best toning exercises at home to be included in the upper body workout without equipment.

Stair Climbing
Another workout without gym equipment is stair climbing. This is also a weight loss exercise that can help tone up your legs. You should climb stairs at a normal pace at the beginning and increase your speed a bit after 2-3 repetitions. Carry out climbing up and down for 8-10 times everyday. This workout without weights can be easily carried out at home.

Swimming is the best among all the cardio workouts without equipment. Swimming for a half hour everyday will help in losing a lot of calories and also burn fat. It is one of the most effective workout without equipment for men and women. One can tone arms, legs as well as abdomen by swimming everyday.

Apart from the above mentioned ones, jumping, brisk walking, running and jogging, are some of the other cardio workouts at home without equipment. Secondly, dancing, aerobics, rope skipping, are also best workout without gym equipment that can be performed at home. If initially unsure as to how to perform the exercises, you can buy a CD / DVD for the same and follow it.

As there are several options for workout without equipment, exercising can be more enjoyable and easier. You can also encourage your partner or other family members to workout with you as this ways it can be more fun! Lastly, note that workout at home, if done regularly and properly, can be equally effective as that done at the gym. Take care!

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Bryan Carlton said...

Cardio exercises at home are amazing, you don’t need to buy a gym membership, pack a gym bag, drive to the gym, drive home ect., you can do cardio exercises at home. The only factor is time, doing cardio workouts from home, will give you that extra time.