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Jun 12, 2011

Women’s 6 major food killers, do not eat

You always lose weight, but had little effect? Think about your diet list, is there including some good figure killers: such as chocolate biscuits, fruit juice, beer, and even coffee.
Women's 6 major food killers, do not eat (1)

First prize: Chocolate biscuits

Eat 6, heat 302cal, 14 kg weight gain for one year
Do you known what kind of things in Chocolate biscuits? The answer is: a lot of sugar and a lot of oil. If every afternoon, you are using chocolate biscuits to meet your mouth, just six months, will increase 7 kg, and if so to last a year, 14 kilograms of meat will follow you to move. Behind the delicious, it is high calorie traps waiting for you, and high oil and high-sugar foods also makes rapid aging.
Recommendation: If you want the effect of antioxidant, you can drink a little low-calorie green tea, instead of coffee.

Second: chocolate bars

Eat one every day, heat about 280cal, 13 kg weight gain for one year
The heat of a chocolate bar equivalent equal to half the dinner meal. If your life can’t get out of fragrant chocolate, it is recommended that you always note the number on the weighing-machine, every day, eat high-calorie snacks that are easy to get fat. In addition, the chocolate bar containing high sugar, or lead to oxidation of accomplices, but also let you speed up aging.
Recommendation: If you can not quit eating a chocolate bar every day, then you’d better find time to jog for half an hour every day to balance out the heat of chocolate bars.
Women's 6 major food killers, do not eat (2)

Third: canned fruit juice

Drank a can of 500ml of juice, heat 255cal, 12 kg of fat a year
With fruit juice instead of fruit, not getting enough minerals and vitamins, this is because fruit juice in the process made of many minerals and vitamins have been lost. The remaining vitamin C, also would reduce because of light. If you look at the label on canned fruit juice, you can find most of the juice is concentrated to restore, but also added a lot of sugar. So, if you think that canned fruit juice is more nutritious, and drink a can every day, the high sugar in fruit juice will give you 12 kg weight in one year.

Fourth place: regular cola

Drank a can of 375ml, heat 168cal, 8 kg of weight gain a year
Many people have cultivated the habit of the day drink a glass of Coke, this is because the caffeine in cola and other special ingredients, very addictive. Although the market has a low card Coke, but there are still many people can not adapt to the particular sweetener taste.
If you already can not do without Coke a day, it is best to do more exercise to consume excess calories. Because every day a can, it allows you to gain weight 8 kg after one year. Even more frightening is the drink of cola not only will not make you a sense of satiety, cola flavors, will allow you to eat more food. Not just cola, other soft drinks, SARS, etc. is also cutting back on better.
Recommendation: If you really can not give up the Coke, the best choice for diet cola
Women's 6 major food killers, do not eat (3)

Fifth: Beer

Drank a can of 375ml, heat 147cal, gain weight 7 kg a year
In the hot summer weather, cold beer, is really a great enjoyment of life. Dinner with friends, or singing, beer is indispensable. However, one day drinking a can of beer, but will return for 7 kg of body weight after one year. This is why beer would call liquid bread.
Beer, in addition to heat, almost without any nutrients, so in addition you gain weight, there is no any help on health. If you want to enjoy the fragrant wheat beer, better taste basis, do not develop the habit of drinking beer every day, do not drink beer before going to bed, because there are diuretic effect of beer, drink before bed will cause a lot of water to accumulate in the body, can also cause frequent urination at night phenomenon.
Recommendation: use the beer into the dish. After heating, the alcohol evaporate most of finished dishes will not only add flavor, but also avoid alcohol, the burden caused by high heat.

Sixth: Canned Coffee

Drank a can of 240ml, heat 127cal, weight gain of 6 kg a year
Is coffee your best weapon for refreshing? If you prefer canned coffee, then another, be careful of your body. Canned coffee in general only about 240 milliliters, not a few mouthfuls can finish, but that’s a few mouthfuls of coffee, but it can make your figure to enlarge two sizes in a year. Basically, almost black coffee does not contain any calories, flavored coffee, which has added a lot of sugar and cream, these ingredients are ultra-high heat figure killer.
Add the coffee, is cream, not the milk, not only does not contain the nutrients in milk, or make up your cholesterol saturated fatty acids. Although coffee to stimulate the central nervous function of sober people, but will also have heart palpitations and promote the role of gastric acid secretion, so if you have and heart-related diseases, or have stomach ulcers and other illnesses, best drink less coffee.
Recommendation: If only for a refreshing, better drink the coffee without sugar and creamer, or DIY, with a small amount of sugar and skim milk to flavor would be more healthy.

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