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Jun 13, 2011


More and more women are looking for curvy hourglass bodies. A curvy hourglass body like that of  Jessica Alba is preferred to the thin body of Twiggy. This is what women want as an outcome weight loss efforts. Skinny bodies may have been a goal for many women before. This was because of the obsession with the weight scales.
picture of celebrity chef Nigella Lawson with the hourglass and sexy body shape
Nigella Lawson with the body shape most coveted by British women
Picture of Jessica Alba, the sexy diva with the hourglass body shape
Jessica Alba, the sexy diva with the hourglass body shape
The only way to measure success with the weight scales is a lower reading at the end. But a lower reading on the weight scales does not necessarily result in a more shapely  or curvy hourglass body.
The obsession has been due largely to women not knowing any other way  of measuring progress of weight loss. This even though body fat measurements and others have been around for some time.
Men and both women alike appreciate the curvy hourglass and shapely bodies of women like Nigella Lawson, Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek or Catherine Zeta Jones. Yet many do not realize that the weight scales is not the best tool to attain such a curvy hourglass body.

Women’s Obsession with “Size Zero” or “Size 10″

The hourglass body shapes were “in” during the 60s and were flaunted by stars like Marilyn Monroe. Subsequently, the hourglass body shapes were “out” and the straight/skinny bodies as paraded by models like Twiggy were “in”.
Picture of Marilyn Monroe in Sexy White Swimsuit
Marilyn Monroe at the end of hourglass era
Model Twiggy Twiggy Lawson - Inspiration for a straight body
Model Twiggy – Inspiration for a straight body
A lot of the hype of the shapeless bodies of models in the 80s and 90s was propagated by the media,advertising and fashion industries.
If a lie is repeated enough times, people start believing it to be the truth. This fueled the massive interest in the “size zero” culture.
Believe it or not, this has resulted in women dieting and starving themselves to fit a certain clothing size. Women always had pride in saying, “I am a size 10″ or ” I am a size zero”.

Results of a Recent British Survey Shows Women Want Curvy Hourglass Body Shapes

The results of a British survey published very recently now confirms that 65% of British women want curvy hourglass shaped bodies and not skinny and straight bodies.
Laura Bryant from the Kellogg company that carried out the survey was quoted as saying: “The report shows that woman’s attitudes to slimming over the last 50 years have changed along with their figures. It seems British women have lost their waists but now they are demanding it back. They are more concerned about getting a curvy hourglass shape like their grandmothers instead of being the perfect size 10. This shows a marked shift in attitude from the 80′s and 90′s. Back then, success and failure of any slimming effort was bench marked against fitting into certain sized clothes”. British women want a body like that of Nigella Lawson.

Timeless Beauties Such as Venus de Milo Have Hourglass Shapes

Venus de Milo
Venus de Milo has a WHR of 0.7
Hot Picture of Catherine Zeta Jones Sexy Body
Catherine Zeta Jones
Timeless beauties of ages had very shapely and curvy bodies. Believe it or not, even the Venus de Milo was sculpted with an hourglass shape. Incidentally, the Venus de Milo was sculpted some time between 130 and 100 BC and is believed to depict  the Greek goddess of love and beauty.
The problem has always been the weight scales. Women were sold on the idea that the only attractive body was a “size 10″ or a “size zero”. Some women were built with bigger frames and could not possibly fit into a “size 10″ or a “size 0″. What did they do? They starved and dieted to shrink their bodies to fit the mould. The act of starving one’s self to fit a certain dress size is no different from the ancient Chinese act of “foot binding”.  The weight scales were used to measuring this shrinkage.
The problem with the weight scales is that it can’t measure how shapely your body is.  For a more detailed understanding of this, please refer our earlier article entitled “Why Weight Scales and BMI Can’t Measure a Beautiful Body”.

Jessica Alba, Sophia Loren, Salma Hayek and Other Curvaceous Woman Have WHR of 0.7

Hot picture of Salma Hayek body in tight brown dress with breasts visible
Voluptuous Salma Hayek
Sexy picture of audrey hepburn
Audrey Hepburn
The Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR) cab be used to measure the extent of the hourglass shape of a woman’s body. A WHR of 0.7 is considered as perfection.  As mentioned in that article, women like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek and Catherine Zeta Jones, have a WHR close to 0.7. This includes the Venus de Milo!
A woman still needs to lose weight to attain an hourglass shape but it must be Correct Weight Loss. This is weight loss that moves a woman closer to the WHR of 0.7. It requires losing fat while toning and shaping the muscles.  The conventional way of just dropping digits on the weight scales won’t do anymore!

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