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Jun 5, 2011

Total Body Workout

Total Body Workout
Exercise is an integral part of not just physical well being, but mental well being too. Regular exercising helps you stay fit, which in turn improves your self worth. Working out, just thirty minutes a day, is all that it takes to get into shape and have the figure that you desire. A total body workout is extremely easy to follow and a great motivation tool to keep that new year's resolution. If promise to stay fit and losing those extra unwanted pounds was your resolve, then enroll yourself for a total body workout, that demands just 30 minutes from you everyday.Here's a total body workout sketched out for you, which guarantees weight loss within a month if followed with dedication.

Total Body Workout Routines

Cardiovascular Exercises
Since this is the first day, begin with cardiovascular exercises. They are extremely easy to do and mainly use your body's strength and stamina as against using any kind of equipment. If you are hitting the gym, begin with a five minute warm up exercises. You can get to know more on warm up exercises on Next, get on to the treadmill and walk (briskly) for 15 minutes. After a minute's break, exercise on the elliptical for 15 minutes. Do the regular stretching and cool down exercises and your day one workout is done! If you are doing these exercises at home, then put on your running shoes and jog or walk briskly for 30 minutes. Initially, running about 2-3 kilometers is good enough.

Upper Body Workout
A total body workout for women is never complete without upper body workout. Flabby back and increasing waistline requires intense gym workouts. Once again begin with five minute warm up exercises. Then on a lateral pulley with a weight of 40 pounds make two repetitions of 20 each. Next on a low cable row use 40 pounds to make two repetitions of 20 each. To develop the shoulders and the collar bone, use 20 pound dumbbells (each) for shrugs with repetitions of 20 each. Next is the decline dumbbell press with 10 pounds dumbbells (each), with which you will have to make two repetitions of 20 each. Back extensions an cool down stretches are the end of this workout. These give your muscles the reverse stretch direction to avoid any strain. End the workout with cool down exercises.

Lower Body Workout
The lower body has the biggest muscle in the body which needs to toned up by losing fat and developing the muscle. Lower body workouts begin with squats and lunges. These are the basic leg workout exercises, which can be done anywhere. Repeat each at least 20 times taking them up to 40 in subsequent weeks. Next, push a weight of 100 pounds on the leg press machine, making two repetitions of 20 times each. This exercise is meant to tone up your thighs. Move on to leg raises which help in toning those bulging calf muscles. Perform calf raises with 45 pounds, making at least 20 times with two repetitions. Leg curls are the right form to exercise to get those extra curves on the back in shape. Tone those muscles by lifting 40 pounds for 20 times with two repetitions.

Alternating these routines is an ideal total body workout. Doing cardio exercises, upper body and lower body in the given order is the best total body workout any gym would suggest. Other forms of exercises such as dancing, swimming, playing a sport such as basketball, football or tennis contribute to fitness levels. To get the best results from these total body workout routines for women and men, following simple rules of diet as well. A best total body workout will only get the best results if you cut out the junk from your diet and replace it with vegetables. There is no specific total body workout machine, but combination of these exercises and following a healthy diet that reflect as a healthy body and a healthy mind!

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