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Jun 12, 2011

Katherine Heigl Weight Loss

Katherine Heigl, best known for her Greys Anatomy character Izzie Stevenson, looks stunning at 32. Want to know the secret on how she maintains a tone and tight body?
This 5-foot-9-inches knockout does 25 to 50 minutes cardio and circuit-training session five times a week and jump rope of life dumbbells on the side. She employs fitness trainer Harley Pasternak, who is responsible for a lot of other US Celebrity weight loss and also trained other celebrities like Halle Berry, Mandy Moore and John Mayer, and eats his 5-Factor Diet to achieve a body any woman would sweat to have.
The 5-Factor Diet is all about eating five meals, which consist of five components: lean protein, fiber, good fat, complex carbohydrates and non-sugar drink, a day. This is based on Paternaks principle of eating high fiber foods and those with low glycemic index which controls cravings and overeating by keeping blood sugar stable.
Her usual workout includes:
  • Jump roping, jogging or stair-climbing for cardio warm-up for five minutes
  • 4-set circuit consisting of: 25 low-body crunches, 25 lunges and 25 dumbbell flies
  • Cardio running, stair-climbing or biking and elliptical training for five to twenty five minutes (including a cool-down period during the last five minutes of work-out)
What’s on Katie’s plate:
Breakfast – 5-Factor French toast topped with non-fat ricotta and cinnamon
Snack – Berry smoothie or a slice of pair with cottage cheese
Lunch – Tortilla pizza or a greek salad of grilled shrimp, spinach and feta cheese
Snack – Whole grain toast topped with low-fat berry yogurt or celery and carrot sticks in hummus
Dinner – Seabass with brown rice or edamame or spaghetti with ground turkey breast
For a self-confessed gym-hater, Katherine never saw herself working out and shaping her body like it is now. She’d wake up in the morning and still goes, “My god, I can’t believe this is my body!”

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