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Jun 3, 2011

Female bodybuilding through the years

Since its introduction in the 1970’s the female bodybuilding competition has evolved quickly. Figure bodybuilding is a new type of bodybuilding where the muscle tone and symmetry is judged instead of the size of the muscle. Without having extreme or excessive muscle mass and vascularity that bodybuilding can bring with it, figure body building is for women who want to compete in competitions. Similar to a pageant setup, the competition is evaluated from all angles, over a few different rounds, which depends on the company.
Even though bodybuilding for women has been around for about forty years, the first female bodybuilding national event was in 2001, when the National physique Committee held the Figure Nationals, and it became a professional event in 2003. The judging of bodybuilders depends on more than just the muscles. Women are competing by representing their excellent shape and are categorized by their height. Well-defined muscles without ripples or striations alone will get the attention of the judges. To help judges to distinguish among participants, each contender should wear an original number and a very colorful pose suit.
Female bodybuildersYou can find various organizations who have all strived to allow the bodybuilding society to interact and compete together on an annual basis.  Figure International and Figure Olympia are the most renown of these organizations, both certified by the IFBB and thought of as specialized level events. Many organizations have figure bodybuilding contests, however, rules and regulations differ for these contests depending on which state they take place in. Those already involved or interested in bodybuilding know how popular it is, but the bodybuilding events are not yet well covered in the media. Constantly in conjunction with fitness and regular body building competitions, one or two mainstream sports networks have carried coverage of figure bodybuilding competitions.
Female bodybuilding is not usually a good career choice for many women. Unlike men, women bodybuilders have a hard time getting sponsors and award money. There are a lot of regular professional workers that started working out daily and got into competition. Many women hesitate to become bodybuilders due to society’s pressure to conform to traditional standards of femininity.Female bodybuilders often appear to be more masculine than normal because they have much more muscle mass than the average female.
If you do really know what you want, just follow many famous women bodybuilder’s lead and get into strong and sexy body instead of flabby or feeble shape.
Take a look at Deborah Compton, Gina Jones, Cheryl Rusa, Nicole Bass, Sandra Blackie, Vikki Cole, Cory Everson, Debbie Kruck, Lindsay Mulinazzi or Christine Marshall. These girls embody their bodybuilding principles in everyday life.
The true is that natural bodybuilding is the way to go in many people’s opinion. Though it’s of great import to some people to be aesthetically pleasing, they sometimes don’t recall that you must be healthy on the inside to be healthy on the outside.

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