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Jun 5, 2011

Exercising Too Hard, Diet Problems and Menstruation

Regular physical training is useful for women
Regular physical training is useful for women at any age. Exercises strengthen all body systems, reducing the risk of numerous diseases and disorders, such as heart disease, oncologic diseases. Moreover, regular exercises positively influence onpremenstrual syndrome(PMS), reducing pains andcramps.
Physical training is also good for the health of bones. Regular training helps to prevent osteoporosis. However, overtraining can cause the opposite effect, such as early bone loss.
Sometimes girls and women exercise excessively, and this leads to numerous health issues. There are a range of symptoms pointing at training too hard. They include:
  • Irregular periods or the absence of periods for some time. If training too hard, over the norm, women can experience amenorrhea. This is a common symptom for girls who are going in for active sports like track.
  • Looking extremely thin. Usually girls and women even don’t notice they look unhealthy. But if someone tells you this, pay attention to such comments.
  • Heavy weight loss, when it is lost too quickly or too much.
  • Frequent intensive exercises. Don’t risk your health by combining an hour on a treadmill, an hour of aerobics workout, weight lifting exercise complex and an hour in a swimming pool. Everything needs measure.
  • The feel of impossibility to miss daily exercises even once.
  • Exercising even when it is your day off and you don’t need to train yourself. For instance, exercising when feeling sick, during holidays, etc. Even professional sportsmen have days off. Arrange yourself some days off otherwise you will exercise too much.
  • Strange behaviour regarding food. Different eating disorders point at training too hard. If you don’t eat when someone else is near, if you eat very little, always go to bathroom right after the food intake, worry too much about eaten calories, these are symptoms of emotional problems and overtraining.
  • Being extremely concerned about your look, body shape, the opinion of other people about the way you look.
  • Being extremely concerned that some circumstances can make your exercising impossible.
  • Stresses, depression or other emotional problems based on diets, calories count, weight loss, etc.

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