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Jun 12, 2011

Brad Pitt’s Workout and Diet Plan

Brad Pitt weight loss
Brad Pitt’s portrayal of the characters Tyler Durden and Troy made him more popular as an actor. A lot of women drooled over his perfectly sculpted body. His body built in the movies “Fight Club” and “Troy” is probably what an average guy would consider as perfect physique. To attain the right built for these movies, his diet was focused on burning calories and to shed off as much fat as he can possibly achieve.
The Brad Pitt workout is not the ordinary muscle building kind. His aim was to burn the maximum calories to achieve fat loss. While filming his movie “Fight Club”, he followed a very strict diet which consists of eating six meals a day. In each meal, whey protein powder and protein bars were part of the menu. Brad Pitt did not use other supplements and he remained focus in consuming foods which are high in proteins like fish, turkey, chicken, eggs, lean meat and cottage cheese. There was a limit in consuming carbohydrates rich foods such as oats, green vegetables, grains and rice cakes.
His discipline in following the recommended diet made him achieved a leaner and slender look. Brad Pitt lost almost 8% of the body fats by adhering to the diet. When he was about to film the movie “Troy”, he needed to add more muscles. To prepare for this movie, he also needed to cut back on drinking beer and eating chips. He also decided to drop smoking cigarettes to be able to work out properly and add muscles in the body.
His physical training was very rigid and intense in the first three months. Brad Pitt had to spend two hours of training in the gym. Apart from the physical training, he also had to do two hours of sword work. After adhering to the proper diet and exercise, when he filmed the movie “Troy” he gained around 10 pounds of pure muscles. His body has an impressive shape which was perfect for his role as Troy. Muscles were in the right place and in proper proportion. He was also able to gain the right amount of mass in the thigh area which made him achieved the perfect physique for the movie.

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