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Jun 13, 2011


Everyone thinks about it! Many women go to the ends of the earth to achieve it. Men and women put their bodies through tremendous pain and torture to attain it. But what really is a beautiful well-defined body!
Very few people know how to verbalize what it is. We are all brought up thinking that a beautiful body is associated with a certain ideal weight or BMI. Nothing could be further from the truth!
Weight Scales Cannot Measure a Beautiful Body
As I have mentioned many times before, a number on the weight scale is the furthest thing between you and a well-defined body. That number meagerly tells you the weight of the components that make up your body. It’s the total weight of your bones/fat/muscles/organ/blood and all else that makes your body.
The weight scales don’t tell you what proportion of your weight is fat or muscles. The weight scales also don’t give a measure of how shapely you are. Losing weight is really going from a large out of shape body to a smaller out of shape body! The body may have shrunk but it’s still out of shape! This is what we call Incorrect Weight Loss!
Losing weight is like going from a 20 tonne truck to a 2 tonne truck. The shape is still of an unsightly truck! Only the size has shrunk and the weight has reduced from 20 tonnes to 2 tonnes.
weight loss or well defined body shapeweight loss or a well defined body shape
Correct Weight Loss is essentially bringing an unshapely overweight person to a shapely fit person. This cannot be done by just focusing on the weight scales!
picture of sexy hourglass bodyshape vs skinny bodyshape
Sexy Hourglass or Skinny Bodyshape
BMI Cannot Measure a Beautiful Body
A lot of people set BMI goals. BMI or Body Mass Index is a calculation that takes into consideration both a person’s body weight and height to decide whether they are underweight, overweight, or at a healthy weight.
BMI  = weight in kg / (height in m) x (height in m)
Typical BMI Scales for Adults 
This is an absolute flawed method to assess a beautiful body. A BMI reading has no avenue of indicating what proportion of your weight is fat and what proportion of your weight is muscles. A normal BMI does not indicate a beautiful body shape. A beautiful body is achieved via Correct Weight Loss and only this is achievable.
The problem With the BMI 

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