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May 20, 2011

Lessons In Weight Loss

Weight loss is easier than you think. You just have to follow the right fat burning steps to boost your metabolism and burn calories. Let’s take a look at several weight loss lessons to maximize your fat burning.
First, a classic…the question of whether you should focus on gaining muscle or losing fat.
Well, if you want to be bodybuilder-sized, then you should focus strictly on one aspect of training and nutrition at a time. But most people, likely including you, dont’ want to be a bodybuilder. You just want to lose some fat, have “abs”, and look good in summer clothes. And that’s why you should use strength training and interval training, not boring cardio exercise, to get maximum results in minimum time.
For the everyday person, the right strength training for fat loss program is far superior to anything that you’ll find in fluffy fitness magazines, and it’s often far better than any program they’ve followed in the past. So that will help them gain muscle, or at the very least maintain the muscle they currently have.
And when combined with the interval training, (and proper nutrition of course – no metabolism boosting workout program is magic), you’ll end up with your best body ever.
The secret behind strength and interval training’s superiority over generic programs is the intensity of the workout. Not only is an exercise program not magic, it’s no walk in the park either (save those for your off days). By going from long, slow cardio and high-rep weight training to the strength training and interval training principles, its a recipe for success.
That brings me to my next point: Focus on one approach.
Too often I hear readers are trying to combine program X with program Y, but with program W on off-days every other week, and with a little bit of Program C on weekends.
Too much, yet too little. You can’t do a little bit of everything and expect to know what’s working.
So stick with one program for at least 4 weeks. That’s the only way you can judge the effectiveness of the program. Give everything a fair deal. That way you’ll discover what works best for you, and what methods just don’t seem to help. Keep a training log and nutrition log to help this process. You’ll be pleased at how fast things start to make sense once you track your progress and daily habits.

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