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May 20, 2011

Intense Fat Loss Program

The problem with most calorie reduced diets is after 7 days, dieters typically experience a drop-off in results. But with these sneaky tips, you’ll discover how to keep those fat loss results high week after week after week.
Whether you’re on a crash diet, or a moderately reduced calorie diet, after 7 days the hormone levels of leptin, otherwise known as the anti-starvation hormone drop significantly.
And the result on your body of these low leptin levels include:
• Slowed metabolism
• Decreased fat burning hormones
• Increased fat storing hormones
Here’s the secret to avoiding the pitfalls of a reduced calorie diet – include a cheat day.
That’s right…you can cheat your way thin, enjoy a variety of foods, and never feel like you’re depriving yourself.
Research has shown a combination of carbohydrates and fat increases leptin levels fast. So as you’re ending your fat-burning week, you’re replenishing the leptin tank with a full dose of cheat meals while getting your body ready for another fat burning week.
There’s just one rule….
…on your cheat days, only eat until you’re moderately full and then stop. Because if you’re stuffing yourself to the point of discomfort, then you’ll end up walking around all day feeling sick, defeating the purpose of your cheat day altogether.
Now, if you want to take these fat-burning results to another level here are a couple more tricks you’ll want to follow.
With your leptin levels raised, your metabolism will be ramped up, your fat-burning hormones will be running high, and the fat-storing hormones will be minimal, this means your body is in prime position to blast fat.
But if you’re worried you cheat day will offset all your hard work, don’t be!
While yes, the cheat day may lead to some of these calories overflowing into your fat stores, you can prevent this. Here’s how…
Let’s say you gain half a pound of fat as a result of the cheat day, but you did so many positive things to your metabolism that you were then able to lose 2.5 pounds of fat that following week.
Your net fat loss for the week is two pounds, which is very good. And if the net fat loss on a weekly basis is two pounds, then you’re going to be on the road to changing your body rather rapidly.
But there is another way in which you can avoid the.5 pound of weight gain – using your pre-cheat day as a depletion day.
It’s simple. If you deplete some of that fat and most, if not all, of the carbohydrates that’s in your body prior to the cheat day, then when you do eat those massive loads of carbs, fat, and calories, you will just be refilling those stores, as opposed to having all those nutrients be in excess and spill over into your fat storage.
But I know you want better, faster results, so here’s another tip Marion passed along.
Mirror Your Diet with Exercise
There are a few ways you can do this. For example, if you’re on a pre-cheat depletion day, your goal is to deplete your energy stores, and so you’ll want to follow a low carbohydrate diet for the day.
Then you’ll also want to use a strategic workout that specifically achieves the goal of depleting carbohydrate and energy stores within the body. So, in effect, this mirroring process of both diet and exercise will maximize your fat-burning results.
If you’re on your cheat day, then you’ll want to do a high volume, bodybuilding style of workout. With the massive influx of calories, carbohydrates, insulin, dietary fats, and nutrients going into the tissues within your body and in the blood stream, you’ll not only be stimulating muscle growth on that day, but you’ll also set yourself up to burn fat into the following week, while still enjoying your favorite foods.
So those are just a few sneaky ways to really ramp up fat loss and cheat your way thin.

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