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May 4, 2011

Get Ripped Combos

Want to use this month as a THE month to pump up your training? Then you need to find the right starter stack of supplements to get you in the mood and get you shredded by the time winter runs its course!
There are a ton of options out there but that doesn’t mean they are all going to deliver on their promises. We have found the best stacking choices and have left zero work for you to do when it comes to making your getting ripped dreams come true.
What is a stack? It’s a grouping of supplements that are used to maximize your workouts and your dieting efforts so that you are building muscle and shedding fat even when you are asleep.
A good stack consists of four elements; a fat burner, a protein powder, a shake bottle and a multivitamin. A fat burner will aid you shedding pounds of fat by boosting your energy so you can really work your workouts and boosts your metabolic rates so you are burning through stored fat even when resting.
A protein powder is the solution for getting solid calories that will boost your energy, keep your body satisfied and not interfere with your time or training. A shaker bottle is needed so you can get your protein drinks mixed on the go! We all know time is muscle and the more time spent on training the better!
Lastly, the multivitamin is needed to give you the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are commonly lacking in a weight training diet. Because of the lifestyle it is easy to forget the importance of certain vegetables and fruits so a multivitamin is the easiest and most time effective way to get the right things in the body without taking up a lot of time with grocery shopping and cooking.
Get Ripped Combos Option #1
Get Ripped Combo #1
Fat Burner: Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix
Protein Powder: Optimum 100% Whey, 2 Lbs.
Body Sculpting: Optimum CLA
What’s so great about this combo? Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix has been a top-rated fat burner on multiple bodybuilding and weight loss sites for years now and has the advantage of a multi system approach to fat loss delivering results for men and women alike.
Optimum 100% Weigh is not only a one of the top protein supplements in the current market but it also comes in a a large variety of flavors and actually tastes really good.
Optimum CLA is great at positively affecting body composition by enhancing metabolic activity to lose fat and gain muscle definition incredibly fast.
To get this combo at a discounted rate go here – Get Ripped Combos Option #1.
Get Ripped Combos Option #2
Get Ripped Combo #2
Fat Burner: Cellucor M5 Extreme
Protein Powder: Optimum 100% Whey
Recovery: Muscle Pharm Recon
This stack is recommended because it is affordable while still being high quality. Cellucor M5 Extreme is a fat burner that has been called a “breakthrough” because it offers all the fat burning power you need along with some bonus features like feeling good instead of the antsy and cranky mood swings other fat burners leave you with. Get incredible focus and explosive energy to boost you through muscle gorging pumps and pure lean muscle development.
Once again Optimum 100% Whey is another example of affordable high quality whey protein that has won endless consumer reports as being one of the best tasting in the market. It will deliver the high performance protein you crave and will work to help you build muscle fast with shorter recovery times.
Muscle Pharm Recon is a powerful post workout formula which allows athletes to recover and grow muscle from all angles of nutrition. This is the time you grow the msot and Recon provides you with exactly the right combination of ingredients.

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