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May 20, 2011

The Fastest Weight Loss Workouts

The trouble with long weekends is that you often return to work busier than ever. Work has piled up over that extra day – possibly from international orders or from work colleagues and business contacts that just don’t seem to take time off.
So you get back in the office and your inbox is flooded, your to-do list is longer than your grocery shopping list, and your phone displays 10 new messages.
Say good-bye to your workout time? No way.
The truth about exercise is that it is a lot more efficient than most people think. The truth is you don’t have to be in the gym for 90, 60, or even 45 minutes per day to get results. The truth is that you can choose just two exercises and train your entire body.
The trick is to choose the right two exercises.
In this situation, the old saying that “80% of your results comes from 20% of your efforts” is quite close to the truth. That’s why if you have any of the strength and interval manuals, you’ll get the majority of your results simply from the first superset of the workout. (But never skip a proper warm-up.)
Here’s a partial list of an almost endless number of effective two exercise workouts. Complete them in superset fashion and you can be done your strength training workout in minutes…saving you valuable time you need to be spending at work or with your family.
1) Bodyweight option #1:
Pushup (any variation)
2) Bodyweight option #2
Bulgarian Split Squat
3) DB option #1:
DB Romanian Deadlift
DB Chest Press
4) DB option #2 (this is an incredibly tough superset):
DB Split Squat with Front Foot Elevated 6-inches
DB Row
5) DB option Upper Body only
DB Incline Press
DB Row
6) Barbell option #1
Bentover Row
7) Barbell option #2
Romanian Deadlift
Bench Press
The two exercises in any of these supersets will work better and faster than a 10-machine circuit at any fitness center. Plus, you’ll build twice the body of someone that decides to use a shortened workout to “just do abs” or a “quick cardio session”. High-rep ab work and short, slow cardio won’t help you change your body.
High-intensity, efficient, multi-muscle movements that put your body in turbulence are the only way to go.

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