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May 20, 2011

Cheat Diet For Fat Loss

Summer is nearly here, and if you’re hoping to lose unwanted body fat as quickly as humanly possible, then you’re in luck. In an interview I did with fellow fitness expert, Joel Marion I was able to uncover some of his sneaky tips to help you lose belly fat extremely fast.
Before sharing the strategies for losing weight, it’s important to understand the common frustrations people have with their dieting for fat loss.
1. Boredom, or Lack of Variety
2. Give up Favourite Foods for Extended Periods
3. Lack of Results
If a dieting program is able to overcome this criterion, then dieters will be so much more successful in their quest to lose the belly fat. But here’s one problem preventing dieters from actually attaining their best possible physique….
Results vs. Optimal Results
You see, dieters following a reduced calorie diet to lose weight will often experience fat loss results in the first week, which may then carry over into the following week, and the week thereafter and so on. But, when looked at more closely, you’ll discover their later results will typically be less substantial then what they were in that very first week.
So while there will be results, they won’t be the best possible body transforming results you can get. Why is this?
Hormones, and specifically, the anti-starvation hormone known as leptin. If you’re following a crash diet, or even a moderately reduced calorie intake, after 7 days leptin levels will reduce significantly, causing the following bodily reactions:
• Slowed metabolism
• Decreased fat burning hormones
• Increased fat storing hormones
Now, if there was a way to prevent leptin levels from dropping, then dieters could take the first week’s fat loss results and repeat it week after week after week. The result would be a body operating at peak efficiency, and thus, producing optimal fat loss results.
So how can we not only burn body fat fast, but do so continuously week in and week out?
Cheat days.
Yes, you can cheat your way thin, overcome boredom, and know that your favourite foods are never more than a day or two away.
Here’s why cheat days work so well…
Research shows that a combination of carbohydrates and fat spike leptin levels the fastest. So, as the first week comes to a close and you’re experiencing great results, the leptin levels are thinking about dropping off. But, instead of continuing to limit your calories, you’re going to satisfy your taste buds with a dose of cheat meals that will also serve to replenish leptin levels.
The result – each and every single successive week you’ll be going into the diet with a renewed metabolism that will allow you to be in the same fat-burning state as when you started your diet.
There’s just one rule….
…on your cheat days, only eat until you’re moderately full and then stop. Because if you’re stuffing yourself to the point of discomfort, then you’ll end up walking around all day feeling sick, defeating the purpose of your cheat day altogether.

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