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May 20, 2011

Bodyweight Cardio

This is workout C of the TT Bodyweight Cardio program and it is truly cardiovascular exercise done with only bodyweight exercises, so no equipment is necessary. These exercises will help to improve your strength and mobility much better than any regular cardio training could.
The Crazy 8 Bodyweight 300 Cardio Circuit encompasses 8 bodyweight exercises in circuit fashion that you are going to go through 3 times. Between the number of repetitions and in the number of seconds held it’s 300 total seconds and repetitions each time you complete a circuit.
So start with 60 classic jumping jacks at a nice and fast pace. Go out to the balls of your heels and back in, and be sure that your hands go up above your head and then immediately down into spiderman pushups. A spiderman pushup is a regular pushup and as you go down, your knee comes up to your elbow, alternating sides.
Once you get up, you’re going to do walking lunges. Step out and down, walking forward in a straight line, while getting a stretch in the hip flexor region.
After you’ve completed your walking lunges, you’re going to go down and do spiderman climbs. To do these, start in the pushup position, and bring your foot up beside your hand or whatever you’re comfortable with given your flexibility. So, if you’re inflexible, then just go half way and work your way up. Always keep your abs braced and your hips low.
After the spiderman climbs, place your back against a wall and go into a squat hold. Push your back against the wall and hold that position for 45 seconds, while keeping your hands by your side.
Follow this with a plank hold for 60 seconds, breathing normally and abs braced. At this point, there will be a lot of mental toughness happening, because you will be very tired.
After the plank, you will perform 5 burpees. So, from a standing position go down, push out, pushup, in, jump, down, out, pushup, in, jump. Finish off by running in place with high knees, performing 25 repetitions for each side.
After finishing the high knees, you can rest one minute before repeating the circuit 2 more times. You may be wiped out after that, but if you want you can still add on 15 minutes of high intensity cardio at the end of the workout. So for this workout, you’re going to go as hard as you can for 15 minutes at a pace you couldn’t last any longer at 20 minutes.

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