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May 20, 2011

The Best Bodyweight Workout For the Time-Starved

The biggest mistake many of us make is skipping our workouts because we don’t have enough time. But, if you’re ever in a rush, then use this lightening fast, 15-minute bodyweight workout and rest assured you’re squeezing in a quality workout.
In this workout, you will follow a circuit of 4 exercises, resting for one minute only after you’ve completed all the exercises without rest. So, starting with chin-ups, take an underhand grip and pull your chest up, then slowly lower your body back down. Perform two repetitions to failure.
Now, if you don’t have a bar, then simply do as many push-ups as you can. Do a classic push-up also 2 repetitions short of failure.
Next up in the bodyweight circuit, you will move immediately into prisoner squats for 25 repetitions. For proper form, try to keep your chest up and elbows back. Then, drop your hips down and drive back up. If you’re unable to do 25 repetitions without rest, you can always take a little break during your set, but be sure to perform all 25 repetitions.
After the prisoner squats you’ll move into reverse lunges for 15 repetitions on each side. For this exercise, step back and down, using only your lead leg to come back up. If you happen to have weights, then you may add it to this final exercise for an additional challenge.
Once you’ve completed all four exercises without resting in between, take a 30-60 second rest and then repeat this bodyweight circuit two to four more times depending on your fitness level.

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