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May 4, 2011

Benefits of exercise to body and brain

There are many proven benefits of exercise to both, brain and body it is the best brain stimulant in fact. So exercise and enjoy the benefits.
Here are a few benefits
1. Exercise helps in releasing stress and anxiety, just a 10-20 minutes of any kind of workout helps in releasing stress and when you, are stress free, memory power and ability increases.
2. Works on depression: there are many experts who believe that exercise is the best medicine for depression, so whenever you feel depressed or stressed just dance or practice aerobics this will bring positive thoughts in your mind.
3. Exercise also sharpens your brain power, and increases memory in fact the best way to increase memory and brain power is exercise.
4. The best part of exercise is you get energy that is the reason that all the players and athletes exercise as this gives enormous energy and increases ability and physical performance. Try exercising for few days and you yourself will feel the change you feel young and energetic and also fit.
5. Exercise also increases self-esteem, when you have a body to flaunt and endless energy then it is oblivious that your self-esteem will also increase. So what are you waiting for, start exercising?

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