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May 20, 2011

30 Minute Fat Lose Bodyweight Exercise Circuit

In the 30 minute bodyweight circuit challenge, you will be doing something slightly different than the BW 500 and the BW 1000. Instead of trying to do a certain number of repetitions in as short of a time as possible, this time you will go through the circuit over and over again for a total of 30 minutes to see how many repetitions you can do.
For you trainers out there, this type of workout is a great way to add an extra challenge into your fat burning Boot camps. All you have to do is set people up at different exercises and have them go through the circuit.
Now, for those attempting this challenge, it’s up to you to do the exercises with good form and to be honest about completing all the repetitions.
When I first did this fat burning workout it was outside on a playground and I was able to do 580 repetitions, meaning I went through the circuit 5 times with one extra time through the pull-ups.
All you need for this circuit is a place with monkey bars so that you can do your pull-ups and your rowing exercises. That way you can do your workout outside and enjoy the summertime weather.
A couple of things you want to keep in mind while going through the circuit include; rest as little as possible between exercises or no rest at all – Iron Man style. This is when you don’t rest at the end of the circuit, between exercises, or even during an exercise.
You’ll notice that there are fewer repetitions per exercise in this circuit. With that being said, the goal is to be able to do the challenge straight through with no rest. Therefore, this workout is more of an endurance challenge than a strength challenge.
If you do happen to find some of the exercises to be too difficult, then you can always do modified versions of the exercise, or just take more time to complete the exercise.
The second thing to keep in mind during this challenge is to go easy in your first week. Instead of going all out, make the first week a practice week and in weeks 2, 3 and 4 look to continually improve.
The first exercise you will start with in the 30 minute bodyweight circuit challenge is the pull-up. For this exercise, you will use an overhand grip that is slightly wider than shoulder width apart and then pull your chest up to the bar.
For each of the exercises in the challenge, you can do it as fast as you want, but remember that it has to be using good form.
Next up in the challenge is 10 jumps. To do this properly, you want to make sure that you aren’t taking a rest on the way down, but instead immediately jumping right back up.
After all the jumps are completed you’ll move on to 15 closed-grip push-ups. For proper form, place your hands shoulder width apart and tuck your elbows into your sides.
Immediately after the push-ups, you’ll do 10 walking lunges.
Once all the lunges are done, then you can move on to chin-ups. With an underhanded grip at shoulder width apart, pull your chest up to the bar.
As soon as you finish all the repetitions for the chin-ups, go into mountain climbers, performing 10 reps per side. For this exercise, get into a push-up position and bring your knee up to your chest, alternating sides. Also, be sure to keep you hips nice and low.
The next exercise in the 30 minute bodyweight challenge is inverted rows for 10 repetitions. Place your hands in an overhand grip at slightly wider than shoulder width apart and row your chest up to the bar.
After this exercise, you’ll move on to a one-leg deadlift exercise. This exercise is very similar to both a reaching lunge and a single leg squat. So, standing on one leg while bending at 90 degrees, push your hips back and go down to the floor, allowing your hands to touch the ground, and then back up. Complete 10 for one side, then switch over and do 10 for the other.
Once all the repetitions are finished for the one-leg deadlift you’ll move on to the final three exercises.
The first exercise is bike crunches for 25 repetitions to each side.
As soon as the bike crunches are done, move on to 15 step-ups per side. Try to really focus on using the leg that is resting on the bench to pull yourself up. Do all 15 repetitions for one side, and then switch to the other leg.
To finish off the challenge, you will do 10 decline push-ups.
And that’s it for the 30 minute bodyweight challenge. One time through the circuit represents 125 total repetitions. And remember to try and get through the challenge with as little rest as possible. Let us know how you did!

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