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Apr 10, 2011

Why has Weight Loss Become so Difficult?

If you have tried just about everything to lose weight but found that simple methods like cutting calories and increasing exercise didn't work well for you - you may have to take a different approach. You will have to work to correct some of the damage you have done to your body over the years. You need to look past the short term weight loss solutions and work to put your body back in balance so it can respond to simple weight loss methods. By focussing on a healthy long term solution you will not only correct the damage from your past to help you lose weight but you will be able to maintain it for the long term.

Consider the damage you may have done to your body in the past and how it may have altered your ability to respond to simple weight loss methods.

Have you Taken Over-the-Counter or Prescription Drugs?
Over-the-counter or prescription drugs are necessary in that they keep people living longer and saves them from needless suffering. The problem is they also have side effects. Medications take over bodily functions and can cause chemical imbalances. These imbalances affect your hormones and your body's natural ability to keep you thin. Drugs are also a pollutant that your body has to work to remove. This toxic overload further interferes with the body's ability to function and regulate body weight.

What is your Diet History Like?What extreme diet methods have you used in the past to lose weight quickly? Did you starve yourself to fit into that dress or look great on the beach? The problem with cutting your calories too low is that if you abuse this weight loss strategy - it will stop working for you. Your body sees a lack of food as threat to its survival and gets the signal to go into "Survival Mode". In this mode the body no longer relies on you or trusts you to give it the essential food and nutrients it needs on a daily basis. Your body stores food for later use in case you decide to starve it again. Every morsel of food is being taken in and stored. Your metabolism slows and you stop responding to calorie cutting and exercise.

Use this paycheck metaphor to understand why your body responds this way. If you never knew where or when your next pay check was coming from - you may be tempted to sock away money whenever you got it. You would make sure you had enough to keep you fed and housed and not spend on anything else. You would not feel safe spending money again until the supply was constant for a period of time. Relate that story to what your body goes through when it gets little or no food. It does not want to efficiently burn the food you eat for energy - so it slows everything down and stores the energy (fat) for later. That is one of the reasons why the metabolism slows down. It is your body's way of protecting itself.

What is your diet like?Do you eat a lot of processed foods or junk foods? Does your diet consist of artificial sweeteners?These foods are fake and have no food value to the body. Anything that is not considered food to the body is considered a toxin that needs to be eliminated. It is just another stress to the body. An overload of toxins in the body can cause damage to your thyroid, hormones and metabolism. If you have a poor diet history or love using artificial sweeteners you may have messed with your body's natural ability to keep you thin.

You have to work to correct the imbalances in your body and begin to adapt a natural long term strategy. You have to ignore the short term fast fixes that cause turmoil to your body and long term health complications.

If you eat well, exercise in moderation and correct some of the damage from your past you will begin to finally see long lasting results. You will feel great, regain your health, possibly get off some of your medications, look vibrant and get your body weight back in balance.

In my next post I will outline the steps to get your body back in balance and correct the damage from your past so that you can lose weight and keep it off.

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