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Apr 10, 2011

Why Do Some People Gain Weight So Easily?

Yes, it’s that age old question. We all know someone who is thin but eats like a horse. You may very well have spent time pondering just how exactly that can work. When confronted with such questions, most people will instantly point the finger at metabolism. “Oh s/he’s got a fast metabolism, so that’s why s/he’s so thin.” While metabolism is indeed the issue here, you can of course do something to increase your metabolism!

Gaining weight is something that is easy for a lot of people. It is very easy to go overboard by a few hundred calories a day. 100-200 calories is very little when you think about it; an apple has about 50 calories! If you go overboard and those extra calories are not burned off, you’ll find yourself gaining weight bit by bit. Eventually, it all adds up and you have yourself a problem. You gain weight from eating a little more than you should, while your thin, eats-like-a-horse friend doesn’t experience any changes. It can be real frustrating for many people.

So the question here, is it really all down to metabolism? Yes, it is, but it’s also down to your own way of living. It is most likely that your thin friend approaches life differently from you, and it shows through the speed of his/her metabolism and his/her consequential ability to not gain weight. In other words, your friend has a different metabolism rate because s/he has a different lifestyle.

Of course, not all issues with gaining weight stem from lifestyle but keeping your lifestyle in mind is important as these are aspects that you do have the power change. For example, people who are overweight find that a lot of their family members are also overweight. This can partially be explained by lifestyle, since family members are more likely to eat similarly and be as active (or inactive) as each other. There is also evidence to suggest that one can be genetically predisposed to gaining weight more easily. It is important, however, that you don’t let such factors get you down – anyone can overcome weight problems, regardless of genetics being a factor or not. The good news here is that you can do something about your weight!

Adopt a more active lifestyle, and next time, skip the elevator and take those stairs! The next time you’re planning on eating out, skip the grease and choose something grilled instead. Eating less calories and making a real effort to become more active will do wonders to your metabolism rate and you’re sure to notice a difference very quickly too!

Having trouble setting out a diet plan that you can stick to? Need some help setting your plan up? Looking for someone to listen to you or need some extra support and motivation? I’d love to hear from you! Let me know how your weight loss plan is going; what size did you start out and what size are you now? What size do you want to be and anything else you want to share with me and my readers. Please don’t be shy or hesitate in any way to contact me or leave a comment here—interacting with my readers is what I enjoy most! :-)
Here’s to your weight loss success!  

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