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Apr 17, 2011

Sticking to Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution: Put Your Mind To It!

Setting weight loss goals in the first couple of months of the New Year are like ants in a picnic—everyone does it! The moment someone asks us what our New Year’s resolutions are, the first thing we think of is ‘losing weight’, right? In fact, a better question would be who doesn’t have weight loss down on their New Year’s resolution list? Whether it’s losing some baby fat, getting rid of that belly or slimming down to fit back into your old comfy pair of slim jeans—most of us will have weight loss down as a goal.

If I’m not mistaken, this year is no different from the last 5 years or longer when you also had weight loss on your list. But what makes this year different? Simply, you’re going to look at weight loss differently and approach it in a way that is neither overwhelming nor impossible to stick to.

First thing, you want to make sure that you tell your body that you want to lose weight, you have to convince your body and mind that you will not stop until you have lost that weight—no matter what it takes. That includes saying goodbye to the sugary drinks, late night meals, comfort eating, greasy take-outs, potato chips and other unhealthy snack choices. Adopting eating healthy habits helps send the message to your mind that you are serious about losing weight, as opposed as going to the grocery store and bringing home more unhealthy meals.

That’s not to say all your weight loss problems will vanish the moment you start eating healthier foods, nor will you lose the weight overnight. People are so urgent to lose weight NOW that they find themselves ditching their weight loss plan and no sooner had they done that do they find themselves facing a new year and a different New Year’s resolution list.

Here are some reasons why you should want to lose that extra weight:
  1. You’re going to feel so much better, so much healthier and so much fitter.
  2. You’re not going to cringe when you look at yourself nude in the mirror. You’re going to look at yourself and you’re going to be happy with your reflection because you’re a healthy, beautiful woman.
  3. All that guilt you feel about being overweight, about comfort eating or indulging in one too many chocolates is going to go away!
Losing weight is not just buying healthier foods, or working out 5 hours a day, it’s a mind frame—you have to be convinced that you want to lose weight, you have to be determined and you have to find a balance so that your efforts don’t go to waste a couple of weeks later. Like the famous Nike ad states, you’ve got to ‘Just do it!’

Having trouble setting out a diet plan that you can stick to? Need some help setting your plan up? Looking for an extra pair of ears or some extra support and motivation? I’d love to hear from you! Let me know how your weight loss plan is going, how many pounds you’ve lose to date, how many pounds you’re looking to lose and anything else you want to share with me. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment here with your questions or comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Here’s to your weight loss success!  

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