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Apr 17, 2011

Easy Tips on Weight Loss Drinking Green Tea

Green Tea
A good many individuals never have the enjoyable experience of drinking green tea. Many individuals try green tea but they do not know the art of brewing or they drink it quickly. For instance, coffee can be just bought off the shelf, brewed and drunk, but a true coffee connoisseur would take care to buy green coffee from a store or the plantation where it was grown. These are stored, taken out of from the sunlight in burlap and then slow-cooked at home for the amount of time that is precisely required, then it is served in cups. It matters a great deal to coffee fans that their cup is as perfect as possible. Green tea has to be made pretty much the identical way. Making it involves getting the timing just right, and to drink it, needs patience as you sip it slowly, with the design of pulling the best flavor it comprises of.
Plenty of ways are available to brew green tea, which tea devotees use and enjoy. The first point to remember is to use a ceramic pot - always. Pre heat the ceramic tea-pot with hot water, then begin to introduce the loose tea leafs into the tea-pot and you should add around two tea spoons of tea for six tea cups. The next step is to pour boiled distilled water into the pot, which has to be cooled to 170 degrees before pouring. Hold the pot mouth closed with the lid, let it stand for five minutes and the tea is ready to be served. Drink the green tea at a measured pace, sipping a tiny amount at a time.
Iced Green Tea
Green tea can also be served as iced tea, as many prefer this soothing drink during summertime months. It has a comforting and calming effect on the body, especially when you are feeling hot, after spending long hours in the sunlight. However, when preparing iced tea, there are several rules and regulations. The first mistake people make is to first boil the water for brewing and then let it cool down, and this is to be avoided at all cost. Alternatively brew it cold and keep it that way because it requires about 45 minutes to brew iced tea but it still keeps its aroma, natural colors and all of its medicinal values. The health benefits of iced tea comes from its content of caffeine and essential minerals which not only cools and re-vitalizes the body on a summer day, but helps the drinker to fight against cancer, etc. Enjoy the fantastic taste sensation and the very healthy attributes that green tea offers - you will feel better for it.

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