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Apr 10, 2011

Are You Giving in to the Aging Process? - Revolt Now!

Today's Lesson:
Sometimes with years of stress, not eating right and exposure to toxins we can create severe imbalances in the body. These imbalances can create cravings, throw off the body's natural ability to regulate itself (including metabolism, thyroid and hormones), and cause a host of symptoms leaving you feeling sick and tired. Many people feel these symptoms are normal and may even attribute them to aging. I say that is hog wash! Aging does not cause you to feel bad. Years of abuse and poor eating will age the body and leave you depleted and feeling horrible...not your age... just the number of years you have subjected your body to abuse. The good news about all of this is - IT CAN BE REVERSED! That is correct! The body has an amazing ability to heal and repair itself IF it is given the proper nutrients and building blocks to do so.

I am meeting more and more people who aren't feeling so great and have strange symptoms that the doctors are unable to treat or diagnose. Some have spent thousands of dollars and tried a host of different drugs to try to feel better. Many people ignore basic nutrition or just don't know that disease is created first at the cellular level from lack of nutrients or too many toxins then spreads macroscopically to create disease. If disease is created cellularly then that must mean that we can create wellness the same way! It all boils down to what you put in your mouth. You have a choice!
I, too, have gone through my own nutritional rehabiliation. I suffered from chronic headaches, sinus problems, blood sugar and yeast. I cleaned up my body and now eat well and take supplements. I have not aged in 14 years but feel younger. Yes - I feel better now at 40 than I did in my 20's! Is that really possible? Absolutely! This is a hard sell for most people and I applaud all of my clients that make the decision to turn their life around. The payout is long term so it takes some patience and a lifestyle change.

Instead of thinking of a change in lifestyle as a means to simply lose weight - think of it as a gift for your body - a revolt against aging - a means to stay off medication - a way to reverse the aging process! We have to supply the proper nutrition to our body if we want it to run better. Years of supplying it junk means you have clogged the plumbing and will probably need to detox before seeing noticable changes.
Think of your body like a car - that the oil hasn't been changed in years and you have been supplying it with polluted gas. Then suddenly you start putting in premium gas. Do you think you will notice a huge improvement in performance? No! You will probably need to give the car a good cleaning of the gas line and an oil change first. Same goes for the body.
There are many ways to cleanse. There are cleansing baths. You can drink lemon water as well as take cleansing supplements. I generally recommend all 3 to my clients. I have a questionnaire that I provide to help me pinpoint the areas that need the most work - colon, liver, and yeast.

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