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Mar 27, 2011

Why ‘Fad’ Diets Fail

Fad diets have always been and continue to be the rage for rapid weight loss. However, there are very few of these fad diets which are truly effective for losing weight and keeping it off. Sometimes there is a small weight loss, but the dieter almost always puts the weight right back on when they cease the diet.

A lot of these popular fad diets have the counterproductive effect of slowing down your metabolism; this impedes the goal of weight loss. These fad diets often focus on severe caloric restriction, which makes your body think that it is starving, to which it responds by slowing your metabolism. The popular fad diets usually fail to incorporate lifestyle changes, which is what can make a diet plan effective. There is generally no exercise program included and in fact, no kind of long-term plan whatsoever! These fad diets are unhealthy weight loss programs which are not sustainable over the long term.

Here are five reasons to avoid these popular fad diets.

1. A lot of the weight loss in these popular fad diets is simply water weight, which is only a temporary weight loss. Over the long term, these diets promote the loss of muscle rather than fat.

2. These diets are by and large not healthy. These diets may ask you to skip meals, which slows your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight. The best way to lose weight is to eat five or six small healthy meals each day. These fad diets usually do not provide a nutritional balance - this is not healthy.

3. Fad diets are not viable over the long term. Most of the weight lost will quickly be regained after you go back to your old dietary habits. These diets only produce a temporary result.

4. They make you feel awful. These diets severely restrict both caloric intake and do not meet your nutritional requirements. These make you irritable and tired and can even make you sick!

5. These diets are not tailored to your individual needs. A weight loss plan which will be effective over the long term is one that takes your particular situation and needs into account. A good weight loss plan should be designed by a nutritionist or physician - and of course, you should consult with your doctor before beginning any weight loss regimen.

Save your money. Genovive’s DNA Diet Program is the healthy solution to long-term and sustainable weight loss. This program provides you with the tools you need to choose foods in which your body most efficiently absorbs nutrients. Consulting a geneticist about your DNA testing will help you to better understand and evaluate your needs and also develop a personalized food selection and exercise regime just for you! DNA dieting is the only way for sustainable weight management!

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