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Mar 13, 2011

Weight Loss - A Great Problem

Obesity is the biggest problem faced by most of the Americans. Over America nearly half of the total population is overweight. Every year nearly 300,000 peoples are dying because of obesity. Even though People are trying diets for the whole year, they are still obese. Because of this, Obesity has become a very big problem and we want to take measures to control it
The institute of medicine defines obesity as, a man who has more than 25% of body fat and women, who have more than 30% of body fat, are affected by obesity.

People who are affected by obesity have the risk of dangerous diseases like heart attack, cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, etc., So, it has become very important to control obesity.

The best ways to control obesity are, having a proper diet, proper aerobic exercises and healthy life style. If you are obese then you want to maintain a proper diet and you want to take less than 1200 calories per day. Exercise is highly recommended. Daily do exercise for 1 hour in morning. It will burns extra calories in your body and make you to feel better. Healthy life style is another important factor for successful weight loss. 

Stop taking wine or carbonated drinks. Try Green tea other than taking coffee. Take natural weight loss pills. Weight loss pills will work great, if you find the best pills which don't cause any side effects.

Since obesity is becoming a great problem, it is in your hand to stop it. So be smart to control obesity and have a happy life.

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