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Mar 6, 2011

Ways to Lose Weight

Here are some simple suggestions on ways to lose weight that show how making even the smallest diet changes and adding exercise to your daily routine can drastically increase the number of calories you burn and decrease the number of calories you consume each day.

Ways to Lose Weight

A Combination of Less Calories and More Exercise - It is possible to reduce weight without exercise, but it's not ideal. Because losing weight typically involves losing muscle as well as fat. And the more muscle we lose, the lower our metabolic rate (the rate we burn calories). Which is why the best weight loss programs encourage you to reduce your calorie-intake and increase your exercise. Point is, if you make regular calorie savings, they add up to significant weight reduction!

Small Calorie-Saving Approaches to Weight Loss Add Up - Even the smallest dietary changes in the amount of calories consumed each day can really add up and aid in weight loss and weight management. For example, buy switching to a teaspoon of Splenda in your coffee/tea instead of using sugar saves approximately 16,060 calories per year - the equivalent of 4.5 pounds of weight (based on 4 coffee/teas a day).

Increase Exercise for weight loss - Take a brisk one mile walk (15 minutes) each day. This burns about 100 calories: more, if you weigh more than 150 pounds. In one year, this burns a total of 36,500 calories - the equivalent of 9.5 pounds of weight.

Weight Loss Results

By adopting these two regular diet and exercise habits, you will save yourself a total of 52,560 calories - the equivalent more than 15 pounds of body fat.

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