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Mar 6, 2011

Losing Fat or Water?

Many people who begin dieting will notice that in the first few days pounds are shed faster than the rest of the dieting period. This rapid period of weight loss is generally due to water loss and not actual fat loss. This is particularly true for people who take diet pills to assist with weight loss and people who begin a low-carb diet.

About 25 percent of all weight loss is water. However, some diets and diet supplements claim to offer weight loss of 20 pounds or more, per week! But the truth is, these products are only offering WATER loss, not fat loss. And water loss is regained almost immediately.

The most Fat loss that the average body can sustain is about 2-3 pounds per week. The rest will be either water loss or a combination of muscle and water weight.

Why you Lose Water Weight when Dieting

The water weight loss comes from a net loss of protein and carbohydrates, especially during the first few weeks of a reduction in calories. On reducing calories the body needs to rely more on energy within the body and thus breaks down protein and carbohydrate for metabolism. When these nutrients are metabolised water is released. Fat stores do supply a little of the energy but at first a good proportion comes from protein and the limited stores of carbohydrates within the cells.

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