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Feb 26, 2011

Your Ideal Weight

Studies show that frequent reality checks help people reach and maintain their ideal weight. But the hardest thing for anyone to face in regards to losing weight is that for it to work long term, it takes long term efforts. Read on for tips on getting to your ideal weight.

Be Realistic
Your ideal weight shouldn't be the fantasy figure in your head; your ideal weight is that which keeps you at your healthiest. When you're healthy, you look good and feel good too, with plenty of energy and the muscle strength you need to participate fully in your life.
If you've been setting your weight loss goals by comparing yourself to models and actresses, you're setting yourself up for either dietary failure or real illness; celebrities are usually twenty or more pounds lighter than they should be.
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To achieve such low weight takes constant vigilance and an army of professionals—trainers, masseurs, cosmetic surgeons and chefs who specialize in the empty plate. Celebrities make those things a priority in order to maintain unnaturally low and unhealthy weight because their livelihood depends on it. Your does not.

Be Kind to Yourself
Being realistic about your ideal weight means more than coming to terms with the fact that you're not going to weigh 110 pounds; it also means learning to appreciate your body the way it is instead of the way you wish it would be. Some people fall into the trap of thinking that the things that make them unhappy in life are due to their weight; they think, "Once I lose that 20 pounds, I'll be happy". In that way, they push happiness off to a later date, which actually lowers their morale and makes it harder to stick with exercise and diet plans. Don't ever punish yourself for not being at your goal weight!

Do It Day by Day
The only day we really have is today. Don't blame yourself for not exercising yesterday and promise yourself you'll make it up tomorrow; do things now. Living moment to moment is especially helpful when you're watching what you eat: it's easier to say, "I don't think I'll have that sundae right now," than it is to announce, "I'll never eat ice cream again". Ditto for exercising. If you're thinking of taking a walk, but considering doing it later, do it right now instead. Then, if you want to walk later, go ahead!

Learn How Your Body Works
Most of us have no idea how our bodies use water, metabolize food, grow muscles and burn fat. The more you learn about your body, the more control you have over its doings. For example, some people lose weight gradually and keep it off forever once they learn about how the foods they eat either pile up fat or keep it off. Some people see gains in their fitness and loss in their fat levels when they discover that weight training helps muscles burn fat better all day long, making weight lifting a great exercise for men and women alike. Take the time to learn about your body so you can treat it right.

Move Around
The older we get, the more sedentary we become. But now, even children are having problems with obesity and ill health because they aren't outside running, biking and skating. They’re sitting in front of computers and TVs—like their parents do. We should all try to get a half hour of aerobic exercise four days a week, and a couple of strength training sessions makes your body work even better. Make it a priority to include some kind of exercise in your life every day. It might be an all-family walk after dinner or a morning workout with the TV. It might be touch football or dancing in the living room. Make exercise what it's supposed to be: a natural part of your daily life.

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