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Feb 13, 2011

Top 5 Women's Butt Exercises

Women’s butt exercises still seems to be the hot topic at the moment. So, in this post I will look at the top five exercises for developing a nice butt!

1 - The Lunge

The lunge always takes out number one as the best butt exercise so use it well. Make sure your knees can handle the weight and you change the distance you step out all the time to emphasize different muscles.

2 - Jumping Squat

Burns your butt and is one of the best butt exercises I know of.

3 - Leg Press Machine

Position your legs in the correct position and you can get quite a nice burn in the glutes!

4 - Hill Sprints

Anytime you walk up an incline your butt gets worked out. Sprinting up hills is one of the best methods to shed fat off and build up a nice butt. It works absolute magic!

5 - Weighted Squat Rack Squats

A gem for total leg development. Keep your stance wide and go as low as you can if you are sure your knees can handle it.

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