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Feb 20, 2011

Megan Fox's Diet and Workout

Megan Fox has shot to fame recently since appearing in the new Transformers films. She is 23, a brunette with lots of tattoos, and plans to get more. People are already labelling her as the new Angelina Jolie. She has been declared World’s Hottest Woman by several polls in men’s magazines. So, how does she do it?
In a recent interview with Metro newspaper, she declared that she does not actually do much. She has a personal trainer, with whom she practices Pilates once a week, to help tone her up. She does not have a special diet, and actually needed to gain weight for the Transformers. However, she admits that she used to only really eat one meal a day at about 10pm before putting on some weight for the film.
How does she get away with an unhealthy diet and irregular workouts? Well, as she says, she is only 23, and can get away with it. She expects to have to change her habits once she hits her late 20′s.
There is a lesson here for all middle aged people looking to lose weight though – if you plan on getting a personal trainer, get one about the same age as yourself. Younger trainers often fail to appreciate how much harder weight loss gets as you reach your thirties and beyond, whereas older trainers will be well aware of what you are going through.

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