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Feb 20, 2011

Loosing Weight Quickly Without Causing Health Problems

Don’t stop eating, and don’t overdo the exercise – Stay away from starvation diets, as they are really dangerous.
It’s never a good idea to try and lose weight very quickly. It often leads to many kinds of complications, mostly health-related. These can include sleep difficulty, low levels of energy, cardiovascular trouble, mood swings, malnutrition, dehydration, or even rapid muscle loss. That is why if you want to lose weight, you should figure out a proper plan and go about it gradually, instead of doing it really quickly.
Sometimes, it’s natural to want to lose health really quickly. But you should know that first and foremost, your health matters. So know what you can put your body through, and what you can’t – and then work out a plan that doesn’t push you beyond the limits of endurance.
Of course, you will have to tailor your weight loss plan for your unique body type, and you should keep the following things in mind –
1. Don’t stop eating, and don’t overdo the exercise – Stay away from starvation diets, as they are really dangerous. Don’t go for brutal exercise regimes, and the harsh juice detoxification methods. The key word is moderation – so don’t exercise too much, don’t use laxatives, and don’t overdo the calorie restriction. Consume a minimum of 1200 calories per day. Exercise should be kept to less than 3 hours per day.
2. Combine strength training with cardio – Cardio is always good for weight loss, but don’t use it on its own. Strength training is very important. It’s important to build the muscle to replace the fat that you are getting rid of – that’s why strength training is essential.
3. Keep the exercise routine varied – Don’t go really intense on the first day itself. Rather, start out with a moderate routine, and then slowly build it up as you go. This will not only prevent injury, it will also make your diet smoother, and keep the effects long-lasting. Also remember to alternate the exercises. Don’t do the same thing day after day.
4. Get rid of the useless calories – Stay away from the empty calories like most desserts, different kinds of juices, sodas, potato chips, popcorn, even candy. There’s no nutritional value, and they can really affect your weight loss plan negatively. Try to cut them out completely, from your diet.
5. Reduce the sizes of your portions – Even a decrease by 25-33% can make a big different. Sometimes the case may be that your reduced portions seem ridiculously small. In such a case, chew slowly, and drink lots of water – this will give you a feeling of fullness.
6. Eat carbohydrates – Cutting down on carbohydrates completely is a big mistakes. You need these for your body, and to give you enough energy. Cut out the bad carbohydrates like white bread and white pasts – instead consume fruits and vegetables, as well as wholesome and natural carbs!

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